1. Congratulations! This looks so beautiful with your sweet pave.
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  2. I really appreciate the feedback. That is what my gut was telling me also. I was actually surprised because I expected my husband to comment on them since he actually always notices if I buy new jewelry, but he didn’t say anything at all. I think he couldn’t even see them!
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  3. Congratulations. I agree, the WG/Onyx is breathtaking!!!
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  4. This is just the thing! They look beautiful in photographs, and somehow in photos they pop more, but in real life they blend in completely.
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  5. Congrats! Love how you just casually stack them both together! Love how crisp they look.
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  6. So beautiful -- I love your top too!!
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  7. Thank you Ladies! Judging by the comments you guys all prefer WG/Onyx to the RG/GMOP?
  8. They are both beautiful, but the WG/Onyx really pops! I think it will also be versatile and can also go from casual to dressy.
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  9. I completely understand and had the same experience with mine! In real life, they were not noticeable and blended way too much. It was hard for me to decide but eventually I returned mine because I questioned them too much to be truly happy. VCA always photographs beautifully, but if it doesn’t make your heart skip a beat in real life then it’s not meant to be.
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  10. Honestly, I wasn’t a real vca wg fan. But then I’ve seen the wg onyx magic necklace and it was love. The only magic I have is the yg/onyx version and I’m going back and forth if I should part ways and get the wg version. I haven’t seen gmop in stores but from the pictures, I prefer the wg/onyx combo. If I didn’t just get the lotus and cluster frivole, I’d def would’ve gotten that bracelet. It is stunning!

    Are you thinking of returning one?
  11. Honestly I love both so I’m going to keep and wear them a lot! If by some miracle Lapis turns up, I would love to add that too IMG_3774.jpgIMG_3775.jpg
  12. I have different colors of Alhambra in both yellow and white gold, and I wear them on different seasons, like turquoise and coral with yellow gold in summwr, and onyx white gold in winter. I was so glad that they do onyx on white gold because otherwise I would not have bought onyx with yellow gold. The black and white really makes a statement and keep it more chic and make the onyx not so "heavy".

    The grey mother of pearl doesn't look good on me for my skintones, but if you have a nice tan it would look really nice
  13. Your opinion is very helpful because it sounds like you had a quite similar experience.
    You are right, VCA always photographs so beautifully!
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  14. I’m glad I could help! :smile:
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  15. stunning!!! Congratulations!!!

    This is my problem right now. I am TOTALLY a pg girl and I LOVE gmop, but I saw the wg/onyx and just fell in love. ️ what to do???? I have no VCA to go with wg.....