1. Givenchy on sale at BG
    Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 12.14.07 AM.png
  2. Why if I often see this bag I really want to have it
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  4. Farfetch sale is now open to all! There's still some decent items available including (nonexotic) GV3s, tons of antigonas and a few horizons.
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  5. have you ever ordered from farfetch? the reviews on them are pretty mixed. but the sale is great!
  6. I love Farfetch! I've ordered enough that I've somehow become a VIP. I typically don't have any order issues....but, in those rare instances that I have, Farfetch has always done right by me.
  7. Thank you, I think i will finally make the purchase and get my first givenchy antigona!!!
  8. I have been ordering from there for the past two years. So far there has been no issues. No tax too.
  9. Forwarded from my Saks sa, all on sale lots of antigonas :smile: PM me for her infoA0CA8D99-0F3B-4F81-A4D3-9556A3C10557.png C78D7C2F-924A-4EDB-AF6A-9FA24998DFD5.png 1BE2604A-34C0-4D21-9DCB-D83035E8D119.png FEFE37F2-DF1A-4208-AC9F-BB4D79B2B093.png A42F478B-5162-4241-9B1B-E68EEC2CC817.png B64866F1-CEBB-4C6D-920E-5FFE64A787E4.png
  10. Is there a specific link to the items?