1. My bucket is black and have to say it doesn’t show scratches as easily. My light tan tote has gotten a beautiful scratched patina. I’ve never treated my bags.
  2. Way back when Kate Spade first came out their price point was much higher and I think they were trying to be a more, for lack of a better word “exclusive” brand. And no, I’m not knocking them now just saying their price point ended up being a little less than the first year or two they came out. Why am I bringing up KS? Because when the gold Kate Spade came off you could send it to them and they redid it. I don’t know if MG does this but it’s quite easy, or seemed to be.
  3. Been reading through the thread and maybe I missed the answer to my question so I apologize if I did....I have my new MG veg tanned leather bucket bag. Do I really need to condition it first or can I just use the Apple Garde waterproofing spray? The bag is pristine and I wanted to just waterproof it.
  4. following this question too. same question.
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  5. Does anyone have advice on how to fix deeper scratches? I had tripped while wearing my lady bag and ended up scratching the bag on the pavement :sad: I’m so sad and had taken such good care of it prior to my accident. Any tips or suggestions would be super helpful! IMG_4037.jpg
  6. I would try to condition it, hopefully it softens the leather enough to make it look less scratched.
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  7. Thank you! I did what you recommended and it seems to be helping!
  8. awesome! that's great :smile:
  9. Hi everyone, I'm using the cammello bucket bag , how to clean and maintain your bag? Which product do u use? Thank you
  10. Hi, I use Chamberlain's Leather Milk No. 1 (conditioner) and 3 (protector) works well for mine. just a warning though, it can make the color a little darker.
  11. Hi everyone! I won this bag for $152 on eBay, mini bucket bag. Do you think the water stains are fixable and it’s a decent deal for the condition? I was thinking magic eraser but I’m afraid of ruining the leather. Thanks!
  12. I would gently use a baby wipe over the whole thing, not just on the stain so that it’s even all over.
  13. Hi all,
    I am the proud owner of a calf Royal bucket bag, via sample sale. This is my first "big girl" bag, and I am so excited. However, I am concerned about wear. I have read through the entire thread, and just cannot figure out if I should treat the leather and waterproof it. I understand it wears well but I am concerned about potential water stains if I get caught in rain. I welcome all advice.
  14. haven't had any trouble with water marks with my calf bucket, but i do use chamberlain's no.3 on it :smile: