1. I really love this one!!! :heart:
  2. Prada nylon backpack, circa 1993!!!
    still use it to this day. I'm convinced that the ones they have now are made from different nylon b/c the hand feel is so different. Much heavier than what it used to be!
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  3. My first Prada, and more importantly, my very first premium brand bag, the one that started it all... she is the one that started my irreversible journey in bag craze...

    I got her in 2011 when I reached the senior management level at work, almost 7 years ago. I used her almost every day for the first 6 months! A bit of scuff at the edges, but overall still looks new and fresh - one of the very classic styles. And I LOVE the color - I remembered choosing between white and this ‘dove grey’, glad I choose this one.
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  4. Red Prada wallet
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  5. A Rare one: a little furry mink bomber Prada bag. IMG_20180515_204936.jpgIMG_20180515_205021.jpgIMG_20180515_204947.jpg
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  6. Originally I had decided in march for the Daino. After only 2 months, the leather on the shoulder strap is torn. prada refunded the purchase price. Now I'm looking again!
    So I think again about the Diagramme... Maybe it is fate that it is now reduced in the sale by 400 €
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  7. Now again :biggrin:
  8. My first prada, the crossbody diagramme 20180628_145916.jpg
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