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  2. Thanks! I forgot how much I liked this bag, but boy did she need some conditioner. Out of all my leather bags, this one dries out the most for some reason.
  3. Blue croc zip zip for today’s commute.

  4. Very nice. I think that one is a rare treasure.
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  5. That’s a beauty!
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  6. Today it's the blush color Belvedere LOLO hobo. I changed into it because I thought I needed to carry a file folder and it's one of the few light color handbags I have that's big enough. Turns out I don't need the paperwork today. But I'm sticking with the blush Belvedere LOLO anyway. I've already picked out a watch with a pink mother of pearl dial and soft pink strap. At least my accessories will look well thought out. :smile:
  7. Taking my light blue Sawyer out to lunch with my retired former boss. Had to switch to my smaller wallet but it works so far. Love this color!
  8. The color is beautiful! Enjoy your bag and lunch!
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  9. I decided to give Cooper another chance. This time in caramel. She is riding shotgun while I run errands. 20180515_092911.jpg
  10. Lunch this afternoon with my sister who carried her black triple zip CBB.:smile:
  11. Changed into Sawyer Bordeaux for a Mother's Day casino trip last weekend and stayed in that bag all week! The more I use it, the more I like it! Sure wish it had a top handle to make it easier to pick up sometimes!

    Dooney Bourke Sawyer.jpg
  12. That Ambler is a beautiful little bag, and love that it has a handle! Those outlet prints are so pretty to look at, but I probably wouldn't want one. Nothing like purse porn though!
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  13. Thanks Cate! :smile:
    I love the handle on Ambler. It does make it easier to pick up and to take off when I'm carrying it crossbody. But I've read so many good reviews about the Sawyer, especially that it holds a little more than the Ambler. Your bag is beautiful!
  14. Super cute! I love that color
    do you think she can hold a large cell phone?
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  15. Both so pretty.
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