1. Thank you so much :biggrin:
  2. Hi! Thanks for replying. I'm so confused right now because I was so sure it was fake as I went to compare my friend's Pyper with this one and it's very different. The leather tag inside of the black one she has is much smaller, the resin binding the leather isn't overlapping on the tag and it actually smells like leather. She bought this in KS Vegas. Also the price tags are different also the inside serial tags. I don't know what to think now. I'm absolutely sure hers is auth, so why is this one different in a lot of ways but authentic?
  3. Hi everyone! I’m new to this forum - I bought an “authentic” Kate Spade bag off Poshmark, and It seems authentic, except that it has a sample tag inside, instead of the regular Kate Spade tag. Is this really a sample bag? I haven’t been able to find any examples of sample tags anywhere. I would be grateful for any advice. Thank you!
  4. I am not an expert, but I hope this bag but different color. I believe this is authentic. However I do not know anything about sample.
  5. Not an expert but I do own several kate spade bag. My friend own this exact bag and it is also from the outlet line. I find the price tag for he outlet line varies. Even the thickness of the paper tag varies. Again I am not an expert so I don't know all the details, but it looks authentic to me
  6. 1110782D-D849-48B4-B0CC-77031BA9F7E3.jpeg BE86E463-502A-4A0E-8DC9-DA302E93B86A.jpeg AC3A24F5-36A8-4159-9257-D26082E27213.jpeg Hi guys!
    I purchased this bag at Goodwill earlier because I liked the print, a lot. When I got home, I discovered it said “Kate Spade.” I was wondering if you could help me authenticate it? I don’t mind people who have counterfeit items, however, I believe that is disrespectful to the designer. The numbers on the inside are CA57710 RN0102760. Thank you in advance!!
  7. Hi all, looking for help authenticating and identifying the line of this bag. Can't find anything in online searches. Thanks in advance!
    ks leather 5.jpgks leather.jpgks leather 4.jpgks leather 3.jpgks leather 2.jpg
  8. Is this real?0512180134.jpg 0512180134a.jpg 0512180134b.jpg 0512180134.jpg 0512180134a.jpg 0512180134b.jpg 0512180136.jpg 0512180137a.jpg 0512180137b.jpg 0512180138.jpg 0512180138b.jpg 0512180136.jpg 0512180137a.jpg 0512180137b.jpg 0512180138.jpg 0512180138b.jpg
  9. Authentic. Not sure of the name .
  10. Authentic kate spade Saturday.
  11. Authentic.... from a ks Sample Sale.
  12. You aren't wrong, but please remember that not ALL fake labels peel off. However, if you CAN peel it off-- it's definitely a fake.
    Also, some ks bags have metal labels... but it has to be a specific sort. There is a VERY common metal label that is only used on fakes. It has a different look.

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  13. Thank you! The seller is telling me there's no interior label/number, which was another red flag, but I love the style, so happy to find out it is authentic. Much appreciated!