1. I have always loved the PS1 design and had a pouchette for a very short while but sold it because a clutch wasn’t practical for me.

    I feel silly for spending this much on a small cross body bag but I love it and just don’t have a need for a bigger bag right now.

    Here is my mini in black lambskin. Love the zippers. ️

  2. Congrats! :smile: The leather looks great! :heart:
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  3. I think it looks absolutely stunning in black lambskin with all those zipper details. Congratulations on your purchase!
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  4. wow, lovely. enjoy your beautiful bag.
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  5. Ooh so gorgeous! I still want one!
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  6. she's stunning, congrats!
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  7. Oh the mini is so cute! Congrats on your new bag! :biggrin:
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  8. Thanks everyone! I’m having some buyers remorse and haven’t taken her out yet but I will soon!
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  9. The bag looks good!
  10. Took her out this weekend on a trip and I’m so glad I bought it. I absolutely love it! ️ It is the perfect smaller crossbody for me. It easily fit my iPhone, LV empreinte cles, my AirPods, car keys, a small brush (those Sephora ones) and lipstick.
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  11. OH this is the Zip PS1+ Mini Crossbody?! I LOVE THIS-have been hoping someone here purchased one :smile: is this crinkled calf leather???? wow it's GORGEOUS
    thank you so much for sharing!:heart::heart::heart:
  12. It’s crinkly but not super crinkly. I think it’s lambskin. It definitely got a bit more crinkly after using it this weekend l. I love the zipper details. The strap isn’t too long either and is adjustable. I’m short so I need a strap that can adjust to fit me.