1. This is gorgeous!!! (I have nothing like it, either!)
  2. Thank you! I'm so excited to get it!
  3. hey,, so I just order this Ralph Lauren grey bucket bag... hopefully going to like it...
    bucket bag.jpg
  4. I brought this See by Chloé backpack online and it arrived yesterday.seebychloe-95654-2.jpg
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  5. Went into the store to get the Clapton but walked out with this alma bb (bonus: its MIF) ️
  6. LV mylockme bb, Happy Mother's Day! 20180513_055247.jpg
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  8. Not a handbag but a wallet.
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  9. Chanel Bowling Bag super light weight, roomy and scrumptious!!

  10. WOW!! These are incredible!!! You are so talented! Do you ever do commission work?
  11. Baton de Craie Pochette
  12. IMG_2002.jpg

    My 2nd MK Riley large in black. Can fit laptop for work. This is my very first post here or in any forum :P Every time when I research a bag, purse forum always pops up and never fails. :biggrin:
  13. IMG_2003.jpg

    Ok...got three bags in two months...(my defence is that I sold a few bags as well...) I was so lucky to find these discontinued Fossil Sydney Satchel!!!
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  14. This is actually a bday present for one of the girls... I got an early start!