1. Happy to give you my thoughts. Overall, I do prefer the La Poussette, but I wouldn't change them from the threaded back for that reason alone. In my case, I was also changing from a platinum setting to a YG setting, and the consultant at Tiffany suggested I also think about the different backings available at the same time. The threaded backs are what I am most used to for security purposes, and if you are comfortable using those on a regular basis, I would stick with that.

    The La Poussette are handy in that it's relatively quick to put them on, but I do have to squeeze the backing just so in order to place it on. Lately, what works well is putting the flat squeeze backing right against the post, then squeezing the clasps and sliding it right on. Before, I was squeezing the clasp, waving it around in the air trying to line it up with the post, and then sliding it on. If you search in tPF and online, you'll see some reviews of the various backings as well. Brian Gavin Diamonds has some info on their website as well. Hope this helps. I feel like I have the coordination at this point to handle the La Poussette, but honestly in 5-10 years I might feel differently.
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  2. Thank you so much! That was super helpful. I don’t mind spending an extra 30 seconds to twist a screw back and I feel so confident about how secure it is.

    What worries me about the La Poussette is exactly what you pointed out about squeezing and lining it up. I am fine to do it but I feel sometimes my dexterity is not all they great with the pinching and stuff so I worry I will get frustrated. Plus, I think you have to push the actual jewelry item itself and then my fingers get all over the diamonds vs with the screw backs, all I need to do is just keep twisting and I can even do it only touching the edge of the earring setting vs having to push the entire piece. I hope that makes sense.

    I think I will keep my screw backs. I do have a pair of studs I may reset to a lower setting, not quite a martini as I don’t want to stretch my ear lobe, but maybe a lower profile setting.

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!
  3. I’m really excited, since I purchased my fave piece of the collection today!!
  4. Looks like the VCA frivole collection!