1. This is my first new MK bag (first one was preloved). It's the Hamilton. I love it. I've been carrying it every day and it feels so sturdy! I definitely think it's one of the best bags in my collection.


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  2. I had given MK a rest and sold off all but 2 of my MK bags in the last couple of years, but I've been slowly adding more MK back into my collection. First my winter coat, then a pair of leather gloves, and now this crossbody bag! I was looking for something for my trip to Europe next month that would be spacious enough to fit my essentials but light enough to carry all day while walking around and seeing the sights. And also zippered since pick pocketing can be a problem. I had my eye on a Marc Jacobs bag but it was more than I wanted to spend right now, and then I came across this beauty at Marshall's today! It's perfect!

  3. Love this! Looks perfect especially with the different zippered compartments.
  4. I thought so too! :smile:
  5. My Patent Leather Selma. Got it secondhand for virtually dirt cheap. Love wearing it to work with blacks and grays. Looks great with jeans too. IMG_7774.jpg

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  6. I love this too! Going to have to stalk my local Marshalls. It looks so convenient for traveling and reminds me of an all leather version of the LV Amazone.
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  7. I hope you can snag one! I was just at the same Marshall's yesterday and they have another one in Luggage. I'm so tempted to buy it, but I already have a smaller, Luggage colored MK crossbody. I try to keep a well rounded collection. I agree, it's a great substitute for the LV Amazon! I prefer leather to canvas any day, and you really can't beat the price.
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  8. IMG_6167.JPG Picked up this cutie last night at Macy's Last Act sale section. It is the MK Sloan Medium Top Handle satchel/cross body. Yummy leather. Well made. Perfect size for my essentials including my full size wallet. I got it for weekends & night outs. But, it also looks sharp with a work suit. Of course, had to add my MK pom. Love those. This bag is just dang cute! Swoon!!
  9. IMG_4347.jpg

    Just got this a few weeks ago. The MK outlet was having a sale and I had to have it.
  10. Here’s the medium Bristol with floral appliqués and rose gold hardware along with the matching Adele floral appliqué wristlet. Both in soft pink.
  11. What a sweetie pie, love it :hbeat:
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  13. Very nice bag! And I love the added pompom
  14. Just got my first MK on vacation last week. Couldn’t resist the new Mercer Gallery small ruffle satchel when I saw it at MK Duty Free
    Added a small black Pom but would like to find something else as an accent....
  15. Thank you:smile: