1. Secondly I bought a smart Montblanc laptop bag for a business trip to the Caribbean next week. I haven't unpacked it yet, so here are some pictures from the website. I thought I could use it as carry on luggage as well, with my Diorever WOC in addition.:heart:
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  2. And then today Mr Dawn surprised me by tracking down a handbag I wanted but which is sold out everywhere... I haven't unboxed yet, but pictures to eventually follow :angel:

    Ps. It's red :yahoo::hbeat:
  3. I can't wait. I love your thread!
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  4. Hi Miss Dawn. Good to see your posts :smile:. Your new black ballerinas are great — pretty and functional. Glad to see you have time for a little shopping, even for functional (and lovely) items. I like your new laptop bag — so professional and sharp looking. How exciting you are going on a business trip to the Caribbean—beautiful islands. I hope you have a little time there to relax in between meetings or after hours. Is Mr Dawn going too? Speaking of sweetie Mr Dawn, I am always amazed at how thoughtful and generous and determined he is with his gifts. He is a keeper!!! I can’t wait to see your new red beauty (hope we can see it before you go on your trip). Thanks for posting (I know you are so busy at work) — I get excited when I see new posts on your thread :smile:
  5. Thank you! :biggrin::flowers:

    Sorry, I haven't had time to unbox so it will be a week or so until I can update :sad:
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  6. :smooch:

    Thank you Iamminda!

    I wanted to unbox it and stroke the leather but I got back at home at midnight and since 7 am I've been packing and am now in a car to the airport. Immediately after I get back to London next Saturday, I'm chairing a conference for a few days in a different city so I won't get home for about 10 days now!!

    Mr Dawn isn't coming with me :frown:

    However I'm looking forward to some glorious weather, even though I'll be really busy out there! :coolio:
  7. Oh my, your work schedule just doesn’t let up. Well, the wait will make the reveal that much more special :smile:. Have a safe trip. Can’t wait to see you here again dear Miss Dawn.
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  8. Back home! Leaving again for a few days tonight but Mr Dawn will come with me today :biggrin:

    And finally unboxed my present from Mr Dawn. My new Gucci Marmont shoulder bag in Hibiscus Red :heart:

    I've had my eye on this for a year, and I've been trying to get hold of it for about a month but it's sold out everywhere! Gucci customer service said it's not available anywhere in the UK, Paris, Brussels, Rome, Milan... She just listed a bunch of cities it was sold out. Black available, nudes aplenty but no red :crybaby:

    So Mr Dawn went on a mission. He called all the London stores and asked them to check if they had a piece somehow overlooked on the central system. They said black, purple, green, nude, pink all available but no red :crybaby:

    Finally Selfridges found one piece. And it was a perfect new piece. The last one in London and most of Europe if customer services are to be believed :giggle:

    After that epic saga, here she is...
  9. And here is an updated set of collages of my superbrand family :heart:
  10. :faint: I was scrolling down very slowly so I could maintain my breathing when I saw your Hibiscus Red BEAUTY! But she still took my breath away when I saw her!:loveeyes:

    Thank Mr Dawn for me. His Detective skills gave me something very beautiful to stare at this morning! And thank you for posting and sharing it with us!

    I'm happy you're safely back home from your last trip! Wishing you safe and fun travels with Mr Dawn!
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  11. Hi Miss Dawn. Oh boy was this reveal worth the wait!!! First off, a big shout out to Mr Dawn for accomplishing “Mission: Impossible — Purse Edition” yet again. I am always so impressed by his effort, determination and resourcefulness to do these special things for you —I am so happy that this special guy is your “Mr Dawn”. And now, let’s talk about this red beauty. Wow, wow, wow. Gucci does the best red imo — I have always loved their red Disco (why don’t I have one, Mr Iamminda? Lol). And this hisbicus red is just outstanding!!! (Side note, I know RN is drooling over this red too). You are so lucky to have this bag. I can totally see you rock this red beauty. Can’t wait to see more pictures of it (since you always take the best pics). I hope you have a good trip — so glad Mr Dawn gets to go on this one with you. Have a good week and see you soon.

    PS. Thanks for updating your beautiful bag collage — always a treat to see your beautiful bags :smile:.

  12. :roflmfao: I came back to this thread to stare at Miss Dawn's new RED beauty some more and I saw your post. Her bag is beautiful! I completely agree with you; Gucci does the best red!

    I hope you're having a wonderful Mother's Day!:smile:
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  13. Thanks, you have a wonderful Mother’s Day too RN :smile:
  14. Thank you very much RdN!!

    Clearly your pep talk dissuading me from buying more red did the trick :giggle::lol:

    She is absolutely stunning isn't she? I can't wait to carry her :heart:

    I told Mr Dawn he got lots of good wishes for picking nice presents for me; he is sending his regards and thanks :flowers:

    Not home yet! I got back from the Caribbean on Saturday, slept a bit, woke up on Sunday, packed up again and came to a different city in the UK to Chair a conference. Mr Dawn stayed one day with me and then went back. My conference is now done! I'm heading home tomorrow!! :biggrin:
  15. :smooch:

    You are such a sweetie Iamminda.
    I'll have a word with Mr Iamminda about your red Disco :biggrin:

    I can't wait to carry it. Can you believe I haven't carried my red Mulberry WOC I bought 3-4 weeks ago yet either? Between the blue Mulberry WOC and my Diorever WOC, the red one is still sitting pretty and new so I have two gorgeous red bags waiting to make their debut. What utter luxury! :heart:

    Glad you enjoyed my family collage. I love seeing my collection together :hbeat::yahoo:

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