1. I picked up the Green PM today!!
    I thought it was subtle and I had no green Goyard yet.
    Really great bag. It’s a little stiffer then original St Louis.
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  2. do you mind posting a pic? I would love to see pics of the green!
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  3. Would love to see a modeling pic. Could you please post one. Still deciding and I know I have to make a quick decision.
  4. I will!
  5. I took a shot of the colours available at my home store :smile:

  6. Anyone been to Paris lately? Will be there early July and am hoping to snag one. Trying to get a feel for their inventory.
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  7. Does anyone have a pic of a PM being modeled? Thx!
  8. Never mind! Just bought the last Red GM in the US!
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  9. Was in the Chicago store today and they just their last one. Sigh. I intend to buy one in Paris, but I'm afraid they'll be out. Sigh.
  10. I was in there today and they said they had some left in store... I don’t know about Paris but it might be worth calling and having one on hand in the US before you go, just in case?
  11. I'm already in Italy. Amalfi Coast. Maybe I'll email Paris and see if they can hold one for me.
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  12. Do you know if they wld ship within EU?
  13. I just bought a yellow gm at the nm on Michigan ave in Chicago 1 hour ago. The salesperson said it was their last one
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  14. I must be the only who does not like it. i hounded my SA for the green one and when it came, I just could not buy it. I ended up leaving the store with Monte Carlo
  15. ‍♀️ well, you saved some money! Wish I felt the same!