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    Oldie but Goldie
  2. Oh what a fun print! I've never seen this one before.
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  3. I've never seen this print before either. You have kept it so well :biggrin: Looks brand new!
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  4. Wow that`s a great one. What year is it from?
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  5. Thank you! Unfortunately I don‘t know the exact year, but it is roughly 10 yo.
  6. Running around town today ️

  7. Gunmetal SLH LP Club
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  8. Love this Lavender. Such a sweet color.
  9. 10 years? It looks pristine. You've taken such good care of it. The print is so fun!
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  10. The charm brightened up the bag so well. Lovely!
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  11. My Le Foulonne the other day. I’ve not been wearing her much lately and I realized it was because I’m kind of bored with her being just black and not much else. So I added color with my silk elephant charm and an O-ring from another bag.
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  12. Thanks so much! :biggrin:
  13. Love it, SD! :tup:

    I have the same bag and have been looking at it for the past 2 wks trying to decide when I am going to use it. lol.
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  14. I really like your bag — it looks great with the charm. I have it in Vermillion and would love to find a black or navy NWT one.
  15. I have quite a story on how this bag travelled to me. I am in Asia and I found this at Selfridges online last quarter of 2016. But it cannot be shipped outside of the UK. One day I casually joked in the office and asked, “do you know people in the UK who can bring a bag home for me?” Lo and behold, one had a friend who would be coming home for Christmas!! Long story short, this friend of a friend brought home this baby for me. And icing on the cake - it’s MIF! Hope you find your black one!
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