1. Yay!! So glad you love it, @harlem_cutie! Such a gorgeous & well made bag. Tory really outdid herself with the latest Robinson line.

    I love all the pics you posted too. Thanks for showing all the other bags as size comparisons. Super helpful! By the $348 price tag, I believe you got the larger/standard shoulder tote, right? I recall the smaller version was somewhere around $298
  2. yes, correct I got the larger size one. I'm thinking about getting it in the birch/shell pink too but color transfer is a real concern with saffiano so really on the fence with that. Thank you so much for bringing the bag to my attention because it wasn't on my radar until your post!
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  3. nice!
  4. Hello people of TPF, I just started a new interest in designer bags and I'm new here.
    So I recently ordered a robinson mini double zip tote (the new version, not the old one) from an online seller on instagram and it's around half the price of the original at the counter. I had no qualms while ordering it but I had this gradual gnawing uneasiness because of the ease of scams nowadays as well as the ability to claim anything as true online. The online shop claims that the bag is 100% authentic, and prices are cheaper because they are rejected/overproduced items that do not meet quality standards. However I've been doing my research (after I've ordered it, silly me) and I read that Tory Burch manufacturers always destroy reject items. I'm scared of being scammed, so I need more experienced people to educate and confirm this matter. Please do reply, it has been distracting me from priorities :sad: Thank you so much!
    Note: I'm confronting the seller, I don't know what kind of excuses he/she will fabricate or whether or not I will get a refund :sad: will update soon!
  5. post pics in the "Authenticate this TB" thread. None of us can help you without pics. TB has never sold rejected items. There are items made for the outlet but they are always tagged as such.
  6. Thanks a lot! I actually cancelled the order out of skepticism and I'm now convinced that TB never sells rejected items, i dont know if they have the new robinson double zip tote in outlets though since they don't have one in my country. But I think I'll buy bags from the counter from now on. However it's kind of difficult to differentiate mirror items from the original ones nowadays, they are made so similarly!
  7. im thinking of ordering the Robinsons shoulder tote like you did, in the navu color. love all the compartments and the organization features of the bag. just one question, how much does the bag weigh? is it heavy? i want a light bag that i can use for travelling. appreciate the help.
  8. I think it's pretty light, It's definitely lighter than the older style Robinsons.
  9. Just ordered 2, a small robinsons tote as a bday gift for my sister and a regular robinsons tote for
    Myself. Can’t wait to use it!
  10. quick question, ive just checked the description of the robinsons tote again and it doesnt say saffiano leather?? it just says highest quality anti scratch leather -- is this the same as saffiano? thanks for your help!
  11. it's definitely saffiano. I posted a pic above with a close up of the leather texture.
  12. i know, thats what i was thinking too. A bit surprised they didnt label it as saffiano in their website. i hope its one and the same!
  13. How’s it going with your Robinson shoulder tote? Can you pls do a review of how it’s been since you’ve bought it? Thank you so much.
  14. My tote finally arrived and it looks gorgeous! Can’t wait to use it! It’s Royal Navy / black and it’s just perfect for what I wanted. A big bag with loads of pockets to organise my stuff when I travel.
    F8EB8D79-73E2-4CD1-933B-720112BE6B67.jpeg 3149425A-CC57-439D-9695-0E460B9394BA.jpeg 8B7B865A-262D-445F-B8E2-B49364EC4173.jpeg
  15. @chippylover -
    Congrats on getting the Robinson! Absolutely love this bag
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