1. LOVE!!! Is that the medium or large? It's beautiful!
  2. Great tote bag. I like this style.

    Pretty bag and the color is awesome.

    Love this style.
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  3. : ) This is the large size.
  4. Don’t you hate it when your new bag doesn’t fit your wallet? Oh wait, no we love that because we can buy a new one!

    All black woc and dark blue shw cardholder IMG_1516.jpg
  5. My “New Small Kate” in Powder Nude. The new small version is the perfect size for me and I couldn’t be happier! They interior space is soooooo much more roomier compared to the original small version. I attached a photo of my iPhone 8 Plus and how much room I have left once inside! Thanks for letting me share

  6. Is this colour closer to nude than pink? Do you have to be super careful with it because of the colour and leather type?
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  7. LOVE THIS! The color isbeautiful. Enjoy!!!!
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    My new Saint Laurent YSL Wallet on Chain. It has 20 card slots and zippered pocket inside. It fits my large sunglasses, cards, lipstick and I phone. I absolutely love the silver hardware and the grained leather. It is great because it is a cool crossbody but such a chic bag to wear dressed up at night as well as a shoulder bag or clutch.:flowers:
  9. Love this! Have it in red. It surprisingly holds a lot. Enjoy. Love the black and silver!!!
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  10. Thank you :flowers: The YSL shade of red is stunning. I’m so glad you love your bag and good to know it fits a lot. Can’t wait to use it.
  11. Stunning WOC!! It really is super chic with the black grained leather and SHW. LOVE!! ️️️
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  12. Beautiful! Congratulations!!
  13. Thank you! I used it for the first time today! Absolutely love it. Great space for sunglasses and iPhone. Plus easy to access cards and money with no hassles.
    Thank you. I saw a lady wearing a black chevron one with white trim and it was stunning, now I want that YSL Woc too!
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  14. Love this! Is the strap long? My problem with crossbody bags is always the chain length. I'm 5'8" and they're always short on me.

    I have been pining for this bag for two years.
  15. It’s so beautifully made, the chevron is so perfect even better than Chanel in my opinion. The strap drop is 48cm. I’m very short though, around 5 foot and I feel it’s a good length on me. It hits just below my hip bone. But I’ve seen tall girls wear it and they look fabulous too. :smile:
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