1. I tried on the bracelet Faye in store and fell so in love. It's the perfect mini/crossbody bag. It fits my wallet, phone, and super bulky power bank, which are pretty much all my essentials. I would probably get a smaller power bank so I could fit even more.

    Now I want both the bracelet and the medium faye - I'm obsessed! I better start saving :angel:
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  2. I just purchased the faye mini backpack and so absolutely love it!! It fits so much! IMG_5059.jpg
  3. Congrats! I got the small Faye Backpack in Tan last month and just LOVE it. So roomy. I'll have to give the mini another look next time I get to the H store. Everyone raves about how much it holds for the size. Enjoy :heart:
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  4. Finally got my Chloe Faye in red! Does anyone know if Chloe changed the leather serial tag/hologram sticker? It used to be in the pocket but now the leather tag is on the back of the pocket with the hologram sticker on the back of the tag
  5. I can't find anything on the internet about problems with the metal ring, except for this post.
    I've had some serious issues with my bag(s). The first one I got, the gold layer on the metal ring was coming of in a couple of moths (and I had some more issues with the bag). I've send it in for repair and it took 6 months!! and they still didn't have a new metal ring for my bag. So Chloe decided (after I suggested it) to send me a new bag. Finally I've received my second bag 5 weeks ago and I have issues with the metal ring again! The color is rubbing of so easily of the metal ring, only on the part where the hook is hanging on the ring.
    Chloe suggested to replace the ring (again), but I don't want to wait for 6 months or more!

    I really love the bag, it's looking awesome and it's so easy to wear. But how is this possible for a bag that costs this much??

    Is there anybody else who have experienced this issue with the Faye?
  6. My Faye's ring in silver blue just broke (RIP). It fell off somehow and I don't know if I want to wait 6 months to replace it!! I'm contemplating just taking it to a repair shop and getting it replaced that way and seeing if they're able to get me a new ring since I can't find mine :'(