1. Hi,
    Would you consider this a heavy bag when empty, compared to bayswater or neverfull, if you have experience of either? I appreciate you’ve put the weight but I have no idea how heavy that is lol. So sorry
  2. I’m looking at either this tote or a neverfull. I tried the NF and the straps did cut into my fingers when hand held so it put me off but I do really enjoy the ease of a tote, it suits my life at the moment. Why do you say this bag is of better quality? Is there a massive weight difference between the two? I guess common sense would say yes as difference of materials. Light weight is the reason I gravitate towards LV but I’ve returned 3 bags with defects from them, a mulberry which I was asked it it was fake, it was such a state so I’ve turned to tod’s because they’re meant to produce quality for your money! It seems every brand is producing really low quality products as demand rises :sad: just wondering if tod’s will be really heavy which due to an injury, I can’t endure.
  3. Have you experienced bad things from the other brands you mention? I’m new to tod’s but considering this tote, if not too heavy!
  4. I have both of these bags, a large Tod's joy and the LV Neverfull MM in DE. The Neverfull is slightly lighter than the Joy, but not significantly so. The Tod's is not too heavy and you can even remove the inner attachments if you want to make it lighter. They are both pretty comfortable to me and I don't have a problem with the straps of either bag. I usually carry on my shoulders and not in my hands. I find them both to be well made but of course one is leather and the other canvas so the Neverfull is probably more carefree because of the canvas (like for travel, in rain, etc.) I do love the Tod's leather though, it's very luxurious and beautiful and more understated than the LV, so I use it when I don't want to carry a logo bag. It does feel more luxurious just because of the beautiful leather. The Joy is their #1 selling bag. You can't go wrong with either of them and I like them both. I have never held a Bayswater but I have heard that they are pretty heavy. Nice bag though, another on my list to look at one day!
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  5. Thank you so much for your thoughts. I appreciate it. I have ordered one along with two of the gommino loafers. :smile:
  6. I just bought my first joy tote, and I am so impressed with the quality of the leather. I can't believe this brand has stayed so far 'under the radar' given the quality of the materials used in making the bags. I am quite loyal to BV and Hermes, and in my opinion Tod's leather quality belongs in that category. Also similar to those other two brands, I appreciate how understated many of Tod's bags can be. It's amazing there isn't more attention given to the brand (and even to this forum). I feel like I've uncovered a hidden gem, almost.
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  7. I wandered into Tod's today just to see what's new...tried on a bunch of bags...and fell in love the Joy tote! My b-day is coming up so there just might be one on the horizon! :heart:
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  8. I have this bag for a couple of days now and still can not believe how I could live without one!
    Amazing quality and so easy to wear!
    Don't know why Tods is not as popular as other high end brands.... Tods Joy bag.jpg
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