1. Hi!! Thanks for taking the time to open this thread. Im new to purse forum, so if I do any wrongdoings, excuse me and kindly correct me. Thanks :smile:
    I have created this thread since i need your help. I have this small pouch, which I really love, that I have stored in my drawers and have since discovered brownish yellow stains al over it as well as some pen stains (which where there before as I am very clumsy with my stuff).
    IMG_9402.JPG IMG_9407.JPG
    I need your help because I feel this stains have ruined my pouch and can no longer use it. Do any of you know how to get rid of them? Or any ways to reduce the colour of the stains?
    My pouch is a white and black pouch from the brand "Prune", a local contemporary leather goods designer from Argentina. The white leather is what I beleive to be patent leather but I am not sure since the bag label only says "Bovine Leather". Here I attach some photos:

    IMG_9406.JPG IMG_9404.JPG IMG_9403.JPG
    This photos show very closely the stains!!
    This is a photo of the label, what is written in pen is what i beleive to be the pouch number. The label is in english and spanish.

    If any of you know what to do, please tell me !! And thank you very much to you all :smile::hugs: