1. Rainy day companion :heart:
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  2. Hi everyone! Needed some advice/opinions. The weather is finally getting warm where I live, so I wore my rockstud jellys for the first time a few days ago. However, they are not as comfortable as I expected. I wore them to run a few errands and they were digging into my feet near my second toe. Debating whether I should return them or not. I really wanted to love these! Tia!
  3. Hi - some advice please! I purchased the Valentino RS in both black and nude in the kitten heels. Should I exchange one for the higher heel? I really hate to be uncomfortable on a night out - but from what I’m reading most girls can last a night in high heels. Can the nude kitten work for dressy outfits as good as the nude high heels? Thanks in advance!
  4. Just received these today! I'm so ready for you, summer!!!:biggrin::cool:IMG_6610 2.JPGIMG_6611 2.JPGIMG_6609.JPG
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  5. I do have a couple of jellies myself :wave: Personally, I cannot wear flats anymore :crybaby: ! BUT, I love these Valentino jellies :hbeat: ... In my experience, I never wear them for long walks; errands, mall shopping, etc. I only wear them from my door-car-work (I change shoes at work as covered shoes is a must) ... you might want to try the Valentino (pool) slides for hours of wear, it has more support & cushion :tup:
    Good luck & hope this helps :blush:

    232D9660-4155-44A2-8885-9CAF7AD3D230.jpeg D9D8CF2A-FFAF-4CC2-B6D8-41C674AF9159.jpeg
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  6. These are hot!!
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  7. Olive ballets....
    V Olive Flats.jpg
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  8. My small collection. The blue pair is a DIY project 20180528_113701-01.jpeg
  9. I'd personally exchange for the 4-inches. They are inordinately unprecedently comfortable! I swear!
  10. My new Valentinos in shade 0od Vinaccia Burgundy, this is my first pair and I'm hooked! I managed to get them on sale for AUD $903.

  11. Gorgeous color!
  12. My first pair purchased on vacation in Rome


  13. I crystallized mine! IMG_1302.jpg
  14. Used crystal paradise shine swarovski crystals.
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