1. I am getting a rogue Brief to our my laptop for work.
  2. I think this is gorgeous. I like the tan color in smooth leather as man brief case. of course the bright colors are beautiful as women bags.
  3. I am sure you can add olive , design it online and a representative will call you .
  4. Hi! I'm new I was wondering if anyone else has had this dilemma... I know that this is basically a copy of the denim rogue that was previously available, obviously not very creative, but I really love it! I could try find a pre-loved version of the actual bag, but I've never bought a "real" bag before and it would mean a lot to me to have a brand new one. Also, I'm not confident enough to know I wouldn't buy a fake. Anyway, am I crazy for paying the MTO premium for a bag that was previously available cheaper?

    (Hope the picture works, not sure how this all works yet )

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  5. Call a boutique and see if there are any still available!
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  6. Oh I never thought of that as an option. I will definitely do that, thanks!

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  7. Why don't you just call CS?
  8. I think I just assumed once a color is gone, it's gone! I'm definitely going to try calling tomorrow. I've been drooling over these forums and the coach website for weeks and I thought I had missed my chance on the perfect bag for me. I must be crazy because I think if CS service can't help I might still have to go the MTO route

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  9. Bloomingdale's in South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa CA has a 25 in denim. (They also have the larger one in Olive/Utility last time I was there). Maybe try that as a second option.
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  10. Understandable! I only know that they have the database and old old styles bc once I called about something, and I had just a helpful, informative SA so I kept asking questions, including looking for an old bag I hadn't seen in a year or two. They have that info! And surprisingly they are still for sale (but possibly back to reg price if at all discounted previously...)
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  11. Just an update I called CS who said sorry, it's sold out. Then I called the retail store closest to me and she said it's sold out let me try to order it anyway and we'll see what happens... it worked! And it was on sale! I'm so happy I could cry thank you all for the suggestions you all saved me so much money. So excited, can't wait!

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  12. I'm so happy for you!! I think this is the best way to go. I spoke with JAX CS via the website chat who told me an item I wanted was forever soldout. I went inside my local store and the SA checked and found the last one from another store out of state and got it for me. It's the best feeling!
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  13. The closest store to me is about 3 hours away, if I call them about finding a bag would I be able to pay over the phone & have it shipped to my home? It never occurred to me to contact the store :/

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  14. Retail will do that but outlet won't. Not sure why they have different rules.....Coach is difficult to figure out!

    Now that they own Kate Spade, they seem to be impacting them, too. I ordered a bag online last weekend during the Kate Spade F&F sale. Since I was going to be out of town and not sure when it may be delivered, I chose the pick up in store option. A day later when you receive the "your item is available for pickup" email, it then tells you you only have 48 hours to pick it up or it will be cancelled! I was still out of town! It didn't say that is your window for pickup when ordering so be aware! I called the store when I received the email and they said they don't charge the card until you pick it up. They were going to extend the 30% off to me when I got back but I'm just turned off. If they are willing to hold the bag until I got home any way, what is the problem? It isn't like customers are asking them to hold a washing machine that takes up gigantic space! Another non-customer focused process by a Coach owned company.
  15. I don't see why not. When they found the last Keith Haring kisslock for me, they were gonna ship it to my apartment but I decided against it due to constant mail theft.

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