1. I would appreciate any help authenticating this Gucci luggage accessory. I believe it was purchased as part of a duffle bag set in the late 1990's. (Photo included.) The original bag is lost. I received this, as well as several authentic Chanel bags - already authenticated, to sell to support the owners medical care. She was on Chicago board of trade and had numerous designer bags, clothes etc.
    Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 6.19.17 PM.jpgScreen Shot 2017-08-12 at 6.19.58 PM.jpgIMG_2147.jpgIMG_2151.jpgIMG_2116.jpgIMG_2153.jpgIMG_2149.jpgIMG_2145.jpg
  2. please help me authenticate IMG_5683.jpgIMG_5684.jpgIMG_5686.jpgIMG_5687.jpgIMG_5688.jpgIMG_1524255566.130745.jpg
  3. Looks OK
  5. Can't deal with the site, takes too long
  6. Too many added extras on this bag for starters...
  7. Did you win? The photos are not good enough. If you you won take some pics so I can have a look.
  8. Have to check my hats
  9. Looks OK
  10. Fake
  11. Bumping - Desperate for help since I’ve paid the deposit and have to pick it up in the morning

  12. Thank you papertiger. Happy weekend!

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  13. Authentic? Gucci Oliver the Pug Satchel IMG_1524290695.409791.jpgIMG_1524290734.231040.jpgIMG_5696.jpgIMG_5694.jpgIMG_5693.jpgIMG_5688.jpg