1. If you already had a white watercolor speedy 30, would you get the brown print also in speedy 30 (very hard to find and also likely very expensive) or the frame papillon (a little different and more expensive at original retail). Not sure about the papillon shape.

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  2. The Speedy, no question. Classic shape, beautiful in size 30! I think the other shape looks dated.
  3. Definitely, speedy. It is sooooo gorgeous I wouldn’t mind having 10 of the same lol! Any papillon is ugly IMO the shape is just so dated.
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  4. Speedy!!!!
  5. Speedy!!! 100%
  6. I guess it depends on how much you need to carry in your bag but I’d take the Frame Papillon in a heart beat.:smile:
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  7. I vote the Speedy also!
  8. Speedy!!!
  9. Speedy vote as well!!
  10. Ok mostly votes for speedy. Do you think the papillon shape is weird, don’t like the frame, or both?
  11. If you really like the Papillon go for it, it's a lovely bag. My personal preference goes to the speedy, as it is a classic. Also, this collaboration is about 10 years old. If something would go wrong with the hardware on the Papillion, I doubt LV would be able to repair. If a speedy would need a new zipper, handles or HDW replacement there would be no problem. But again, get the one you really love, as they are both beautiful
  12. Speedy!!
  13. Speedy, hands down!
  14. I actually like the Pap better than the Speedy - the color of the handles and wooden? trim bring out the beauty of the water colors better, I think. Overall, I just like it better than the Speedy in this particular case.
  15. I have the frame Speedy and I love the frame papillon. The trim and handles are water snake and are very durable. The frame itself is acrylic and also durable. I wouldn’t slam it into walls but you’ll find it’s aged well. Also, both of the exotic frames are microfiber lined, unlike the Speedy.