BV SO dollar amount Preference?

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  1. Bag or Knot for at least $3000

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  2. Less expensive for $600 or less

    21 vote(s)
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  1. Thanks for the swatches, jburgh. I somewhat expected that the colors would be from old collections and was not surprised by the available options. Being a boring conservative I like the idea of Nero or Ebano. Ink and Torpedo are also a possibility. Tea Iooks interesting but I need to mull it over.
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  2. Yes with blue undertones
  3. I hadn't thought about the colours being available from old seasons but once I read your post it made perfect sense. I guess these aren't colours being re-introduced, they're just old skins they've had laying around for ten years. I thought since some colours were being brought back this season, that all of those colours were being brought back.
    Unless of course I'm totally wrong - which is very possible.
    Regardless, a Struzzo Knot would be gorgeous, but part of me feels that for the $4000 (CDN) I could buy something I really want and would get a lot more use out of. *sigh*. ( like a Picotin or that croc Tiina bag floating around on the interwebz :graucho: )
    I dunno, I guess we'll see. Besides, in my life right now it's SO vs. NYC meetup - both are gonna cost the same.
    Well, that or keep my money in the bank where it belongs - and the bank option looks soooo good right now. :lol:
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  4. I don’t think they would be old skins
    It just left over dye
    The skins would be dried out
    That is something for Jburgh to inquire about
    You should come to NYC
    I’m in for that
    Going for the day
  5. I suspect the price for the special order Struzzo Knot might be even higher. It is the direction BV is going that makes me want to acquire a beautiful special piece as my very last purchase before bidding audieu to the brand.

    And totally agree about the NYC meet-up. It is so tempting and would provide memories of a different kind. So I’ll have to wait and see what the final design option and the price would look like.
  6. I’ve been thinking Picotin too—GM size.
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  7. Mmm hmm...
    Well somebody who shall remain nameless - but her name rhymes with CoastalCouture :whistle: sent me this picture from the Hermes boutique during our meetup last September, and I can’t stop thinking about it. :girlsigh:
  8. I see you’ve taken very good care that photo.
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  9. News - the only approved lining available to us is Ash suede. Also the overall cost would be considerably more with intrecciato ostrich. Our last stretch Knot was $3,000. So, I'm calling this a no-go. If you want to pursue an Intrecciato ostrich stretch Knot with your BV SA, please do.
  10. Thanks for the news and for the time you put into this for us.
  11. Well I got bitten by the Picotin bag & to my dismay too deep & not enjoying it at all
    I'm sticking to my oldies & goodies.. sorry gals!
  12. J: Thanks for your efforts!
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  13. J... Appreciate your time & energies that were devoted to this!
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