1. Yes! Usually it is a much more popular version! Then once you get through the 5+ photos of stock images and/or editorial photos showing the other item, there are a few photos at the end of the actual item that I don’t even want now that I see what it really is.
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  2. Yes..... when a seller has the larger more expensive version of a handbag in the stock photo and the title of the listing but when you scroll through the pics you realize it's actually her little sister for sale and the "sale" price is more than the original price of the item.

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  3. Some of the Chanel RTW sellers do this. Say item for sale is a white jacket, there would be tons of stock photos, photos from magazines worn by models, and it would be the red version of the said jacket. Then the photo of the actual item they are selling, they just have 2 or 3, with no labels etc. Not just on eBay but some of the other sites too.
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  4. There is one in particular who never shows the Chanel item yet has a great deal of positive FB! I am clueless on this unless she is responding to inquiries with pix of the actual item. I guess it is one one to screen potential buyers.
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  5. Oh lord... I’m spending all day on the phone with eBay and PayPal because my buyer’s an idiot...
  6. Please don't say it didn't come back in the same condition.
  7. That was the only good thing about this transaction; it did.

    The problem was that they buyer didn’t follow the automated process for returns so I ended up spending 3 hours on the phone with eBay and even PayPal at one point to close everything out. At the end of it, I charged the buyer the 15% restocking fee and there was even a case opened and closed to make it happen.

    Five minutes later, the buyer opened up a case in PayPal for the 15% that I didn’t refund, claiming the item was not as described. The entirety of the complaint was ‘Different quality’. So then I spent 40 minutes on the phone with PayPal, had to write up a summary of events, take screen shots of every single step along the way and attach them.

    I earned that lousy $105 for all this aggravation.
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  8. The saga continues with two messages in rapid succession:

    You need to refund back to my Paypal account $700. ( Not $595 )
    Stop cheating customer like this ways. It not nice
    You took $700. From my Paypal account
    Now you have refund back to my account $700. ( not $595 )

    Please refund back to my Paypal account full $700 ( not $595 )

    Please be nice & do not cheating customer like this way.

    I’ve just blocked them. Should I call eBay?
  9. Yes, call them.
  10. Called, blocked communication and waiting for the inevitable negative feedback and probable credit card chargeback when PayPal decides in my favor.
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  11. good luck. I'm sorry you got a PITA. Post her ID on the BBL thread.
  12. As always, all of your great advice and Whateve’s great advice to me and other posters helped me immensely.
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  13. Oh sweet heaven... Since we messaged prior to the moron buying, he can still send messages. Ugh. Woke up to this:

    When I order this item you took $700 from my paypal account
    And now the item return back to you you must refund full amount $700 to my Paypal account not only $595

    Do not cheating customer like this

    Off to call eBay again...

    Also, where is the blocked bidder thread? There’s a nonpaying bidder thread but this clown paid. He’s just a PITA.
  14. I think if you had a transaction with them, they will still be able to message you despite the blocks.

    Did you direct the buyer to the part of the listing where the 15% restocking fee is stated? And tell them that claiming not as described on one site (to avoid having to pay a restocking fee) after doing a simple return on the other site is fraud and you will be reporting it to the authorities as such? Might scare them off.
  15. The buyer was informed of my return policy while I was processing his return. He didn’t read the listing and he didn’t read my response. His English isn’t great, and yet he knows how to file claims all over the place. Ugh!

    I think BeenBurned would probably advise me not to respond at this point. The eBay case has been opened and closed and the PayPal one should end up closing in my favor too.

    It’s just annoying but not poking crazy with a stick is probably the best policy here. Hope it’s okay if I keep venting while the annoying messages roll in.
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