1. I'm also contemplating between the Brixton and Jordaan's! Can anyone provide an insight to whether to do something about the sole before wearing them though? Or can the sole be repaired once worn out? Oh and the leather, recommended to protect before wear? TIA!
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  2. I purchased a pair of Jordaans after lusting after them for SO long. I wore them maybe 3-4 times and the top part of the leather already had a huge crease in it! For $700 shoes, I expect them to look great for a long time! I was so disappointed, I sold them shortly after and took a huge loss. In my mind, they are just not worth it. The leather is so super soft that they are prone to wear quickly.
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  3. Oh that's terrible!
  4. I got mine delivered a few days ago. Tried them on and wore around the house a total of 3x and I am seeing the creasing. I am returning. I refuse to pay $700 for thin leather shoes that crease quickly. This right here shows they will not wear well at all, no longevity and not worth the luxury price tag!
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  5. To help preserve the lifespan do you use any particular leather protector/get them soled by a cobbler?
  6. This makes me so sad to hear! I'm exercising patience waiting on the Brixton's. I'm worried about the creasing too, but hear you can get them stretched by Gucci for free...
  7. GIRL! This is exactly my thoughts. I love how youtubers / bloggers do reviews but it's radio silence on how they keep them looking mint!! No brand will recommend a protector because of liability, but am curious to know what protectors actually protect and if soles are needed or a waste of $$!!
  8. Hi there, I can’t comment on protector sprays but as far as the soles go I was advised by multiple different SAs when I bought both my pairs of Jordaans that they would recommend wearing them a few times first to ‘scuff’ the leather sole (as apparently the cobbler would have to roughen the leather a bit anyway to add a sole) and then have rubber soles put on to prevent slipping and also increase the longevity of the shoes. I’ve had it done to both mine and they’re certainly less slippy. HTHs
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  9. Amazing! Thank you so much for this good advice. Will def be following! xx
  10. II don’t have the Jordaans but I have the Braxtons.

    To me, they are definitely worth it. I just store my shoes with cedar shoe trees to keep the wrinkles to a minimum. I’ve worn my Brixtons many times and still love them. I think the wrinkles add character and depth to the design.

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  11. I just had to post about my Jordaans. I got them a few weeks ago and wore them for the first time yesterday. I can NOT believe how amazingly comfortable they are!! I have wide feet/bunions so most shoes aside from workout shoes hurt my feet after some time. Not these loafers! For some reason, the Princetown mules did not work for me because they were essentially held on by my bunions lol. The shoe put too much pressure there and I knew they were going to be painful. I am really surprised that the Jordaans ended up being so comfortable. So to answer the question in this thread -- YES, they are absolutely worth it!