1. Fried Rice and Broccoli soup
  2. Wing night!
  3. Nothing! Dining out.
  4. Friday: mojo chicken on a salad
  5. not sure yet, hopefully grilled rib eye steak :drool:
  6. Sat: mussels w/pasta & burrata & tomatoes
  7. 2 Minute noodles
  8. Saturday: went to friends’ for a cookout, I brought potato salad
  9. butternut squash, onion & sage pizza w/tomato salad
  10. Loaded salad.
  11. roasted chicken legs and greek salad
  12. Roast chicken breast, roast potatoes and corn
  13. bucatini w/shrimp & loaded salad
  14. Leftover roasted chicken legs and greek salad
  15. Grilled snapper, green beans and steamed cauliflower.