1. The sweet pendant is really tiny!! For earrings the sweet size worked out perfectly for me because I have very small ear lobes and the vintage is over powering on me for everyday!! But for the pendant I ended up going with the vintage! I wear this combo daily!! Sweet pendant will look nice but imo only if layered! But then again if you’re gonna get sth, I think u should get the vintage so u can still wear it alone and it doesn’t look too small!! And I love all 3!! The only thing to consider is that if u want to wear is daily then maybe the gold will be better as u don’t have to worry about stones (perfumes etc), if you don’t mind being careful or will wear it on occasion either one will be beautiful!!Good luck with your decision ️
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  2. Thank you so much— and omg it is such a tough decision. I ended up going to Van Cleef and tried on the onyx and the carnelian, unfortunately they did not have the all rose gold version in stock. I literally just loved them both and I couldn’t decide. My C de Cartier is getting another jump ring added, so I can wear it at different lengths, so once I get it back, I’ll make the final decision what color do you have?
    I might even get my sweet MOP to get another jump ring and I can mix and match it up for different styles. Wow— this is so incredibly enabling. Lol
  3. Lol it for sure is!!! What size is your mop again? If it’s sweet then go for the vintage onyx. If your mop is vintage then go for the sweet carnelian. This way you will have 2 different sizes!! And both onyx or carnelian will look great layered with mop!!
    As for me, I got the sweet white gold pave earrings and the vintage pave pendant!! I have my eyes set on the yellow gold frivole earrings and pendant now! I know for sure I’m gonna do the mini (same as sweet size) for the earrings but I’m figuring out which size to do for the pendant!! Been trying to find some mod shots to make a decision. I unfortunately don’t have a vca locally and the closest one is 6 hours away so I have to order these without trying on and have to be sure about the pendant size I want!!
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  4. Thank you soooo much, I love your suggestions and advice!! You know what I ended up getting the wg pave pendant to match my earrings!! So so happy :smile: wear them everyday!! But I am definitely gonna take your advice on getting the yg mop set because you’re right it truly is versatile!! But first lol now I’ve decided to get a yg frivole set before another Alhambra (mop)!!!
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  5. I think this is the small size! Do you have pics if your VA white gold pave pendant and matching earrings? I would love to see them together on :smile:
  6. Thank you very much for your kind words and I'm very happy to hear what you decided--it sounds perfect and I too would love to see modeling shots!
    Your future plans seem great as well. In my book, you can never go wrong with the frivole!!
  7. Posted this elsewhere also, can I get some reassurances from you ladies I made the right choice...

    BUT I did start this post originally and wanted to give you an update. I have since bought a YG MOP bracelet and the cartier love pave YG pendant. And also another VCA YG carnelian pendant.

    I finally pulled the trigger on earrings...

    These are pictures of me with both the YG pave VA earrings and the WG pave VA. It was a super super super tough choice. Everyone told me to get the WG, but like you, I felt my future pieces in frivole or lotus would be WG. I searched far and wide for a YG pair of earrings that was nicer or better from all the earring stores including Cartier and Tiffany and couldn’t find one. So I decided on the YG.
    I wear it with my YG MOP pendant, also I have the YG love full pave necklace and YG love full pave bracelet .
    I do think about how stunning the WG looks, but for me, 99% of my wardrobe is YG. I have 2 YG vca necklaces/pendants, 5 cartier YG bracelets and 2 YG vca 5 motif bracelets. What’s the point of having WG if I cannot wear it together (mis Match annoys me I’m quite OCD).
    Also, my skin tone, I figured looking back at my 99% YG collection, that YG matches my skin better. I have 2x WG pieces in my collection - 2 carat earrings and a matching diamond solitaire pendant from tiffanys. I haven’t worn either in 5 years.

    What’s everyone’s thoughts? Please tell me I made the right decision. I know the WG was way brighter though and I feel the VA Pave does pop more in WG.

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  8. I think you made an excellent choice :smile:
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  9. The YG looks so beautiful, especially with your matching YG pieces! Put your mind at ease. :smile:
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  10. I think it looks beautiful on you M!
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  11. Thankyou beautiful!!!!!!!! Miss our chats about you know what bags hehhehehe. Hope you’re well!
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