1. Out and about
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  2. No, just standing there hurt my feet. The band across the front of the foot.
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  4. Have a great weekend :wave:
  5. Love my rocktuds esp in this pink suede!!! :heart::heart::heart:
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    New baby
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  7. Wore my new studded babies on their first outing today - brunch with friends They are comfy to walk in but I'm paranoid about the tips so I'm taking them to a cobbler at the moment to put in shoe toe taps as recommended in the Valentino Shoe Care thread.

    My friends loved how they look, joked my shoes could definitely take out someone cos of all the spikes hahaView attachment 4013195IMG_20180325_130002.jpg

  8. Love the color:heart:
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  9. Thank you! It's the 770 Dark Mauve, something different from the poudre pink but still a neutral in my eyes
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  10. CA42EB46-746C-4656-8EA7-99EDAD3BEB65.jpeg Just purchased two more pairs of Valentino... I’m addicted to them now!!! ❤️ These are my favorite heels that are “walkable” for 5-6 hours
  11. My Valentinos waiting for warmer weather :heart:
  12. I just got it
    Love at first sight:heart:
  13. The Valentino rockstuds are by far one of my favourite footwear :smile:
  14. Twinsies. These were ️at first sight for me too!
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