1. No, the place I go to it's a series of injections from a brand called Belkyra. I just looked it up in their profile.
  2. Are you in Canada or Australia or UK by any chance? I think it's known as Kybella in the US, but Belkyra in Canada, etc.. either way, I think it's one in the same.
  3. Yes, I'm in Canada!
  4. Bumping this as I’m considering Coolsculpting for my lower abdomen. I’m not worried about pain or recovery; I have a high pain threshold anyway and my vanity trumps any concern about discomfort. Lol. Still, I don’t want to waste money. My weight is good, I exercise daily, and I’m skinny everywhere except my lower tummy. I’m in my forties and have had 3 kids, but I think it’s genetics. JetSetGo, what were your final results? Did you think it was worth the money? Reading about your experience has been so helpful!
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  5. I’m 3.5 weeks post ab treatment and have not really seen a difference. I can keep you posted as they do say to wait the full three months. I did extensive research and it seems if you go to a reputable place most people get a pretty decent result. Based on your description you are the ideal candidate. The pain was short and minimal and there wasn’t really any recovery.
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  6. Thank you, Mrs. Z!!! I would love to hear updates! Unfortunately I had heard that some people who had had the procedure hadn’t seen results. I guess every body is different so it’s impossible to know.
  7. I made the CoolSculpting leap ~11 weeks ago. I had 4 applicators around my abdomen at a highly rated place on Yelp. It was an expensive endeavor, and I would never do it again. I have seen no difference in my body even though the technician assured me that I would see "fantastic results" since I was the "perfect candidate."

    I wish I had bought a new bag instead with that money.
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  8. I see no difference yet either but they do say wait the full three months to make your final judgment....my 3 month point is the beginning of June. Ugh, I’m discouraged by your result!
  9. Sorry, I just wanted to be honest. For me, the full 3 months is just 4 days away... It's pretty safe for me to make a judgement about CoolSculpting at this point, as I'm certain my body shape won't change drastically in the next few days.
  10. Don’t be sorry ...I love an honest review...it just seems like most people get a pretty good result so I’m surprised. It’s an expensive endeavor!
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  11. Thank you for the very honest feedback, yy0015! Unfortunately I have heard about several people who haven’t seen any difference after the procedure. Such a terrible disappointment! I’m so sorry that it didn’t work out. I’m afraid that my experience will end up being similar to yours. If I had limitless funds, I might give it a try. But alas, that is not the case.
  12. It’s interesting bc after reading countless reviews on countless websites it sounds like generally people have good results....we shall see. I don’t know anyone who actually had the procedure or will admit it!
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  13. I found that website reviews did seem to be positive with lots of really impressive photos, so it does seem to work for some. I found several youtube reviews that seemed less favorable though. How much is the procedure? I’d really like to try it; the cost is my only concern. If money weren’t such an issue, I’d probably go ahead because there would really be nothing to lose. The procedure is safe and would be worth a shot (especially since nothing else is working! Lol). But I am on a budget right now with a couple kids in college. Sigh....someday!
  14. I looked at the reviews, too. I think many of them are on sponsored sites so I would be skeptical when reading them.
  15. I want to get this done for my chin and a clinic in my city is offering 20% off (it's an aethetician, not a doctor). I'm a little skeptical after reading what you ladies have to say and the online reviews sound too positive to be real. :/
    Maybe I'll try some chin excercises (is this a thing? I hope it doesn't give me a manly jaw!).
    Does anyone have any experience with the needles? I'm looking to this as an alternative.
    If anyone here has cool sculpting for the chin, did it bruise? I want to go to work without anyone knowing. Lol.