1. I quit smoking January 1, 2014
    I started e-cig. and I am still on it
  2. I'm curious--do you inhale less nicotine, tar, etc. or are the e-cigs free of them? Sorry for my ignorance. I've heard people say smoking is the toughest habit to stop.
  3. There is no tar in e-cig.
    The nicotine level you can choose. for me it is 5 mg which is much less that actual cigs.
  4. Thanks! Good for you.
  5. There is not enough scientific evidence to confirm e-cig is safe. They still contain carcinogens and other toxins. If you need help quitting, there are a lot of support out there!
  6. But I like to think it is less harm then actual Cigs.
    Am I right on this assumption?
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  9. Congrats..!!! Really good decision. Proud of you. Please consult a good pulmonologist if you cold take any medications that will help. you can even try to contact the best pulmonologist i have come across so far trough mail or contact no. Hope this will help... All the best.
  10. This is what the e-cig companies want you to believe. No one knows for sure if e-cig is safe, but the nicotine they contain is addictive. Let's help each other getting rid of the addiction, rather than finding a questionable alternative.
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    2 years and 2 days smoke free. I did it cold turkey after about 30 years of smoking. It was easier this time because my spouse also quit with me, he did it 2 days earlier. I had stopped many times but having another smoker around made it easy to relapse. Hope this time it is for good. It takes about 8 years for the lungs to recover to almost a non-smoker's chance of getting lung cancer and I still have 6 years to go.

    We used nicorette patches the first month along with nicorette inhaler. Stopped the patches about a month. Then we slowly weaned off the nicorette inhaler because it felt pointless being attached to a cigarette substitute. We just had it on hand "just in case" we get tempted at parties, dinners and stressful periods. After a year we gave our stash of nicorette inhaler kits to a relative who is currently still trying to stop smoking.