1. So after months of contemplation I finally pulled the trigger on a grey micro belt bag today! The SA said the grey is now a permanent color. Also she confirmed that there will be a smaller belt size called Nano and it may come out next season. I’m happy I got the micro size bc I think a Nano belt may be a wee bit too small and I also already have the Nano luggage already.
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  2. Congrats! And yes, the Nano is new for summer 2018. It's really cute and it comes in a leather/suede combo as well. Might pull the trigger on that one...
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  3. B9B6A01C-C2E9-483D-A45E-18746F7589B3.jpeg

    Céline micro belt bag in grey. I’m loving the size so far. It’s not too big or too small.
  4. Does anyone know the price of Micro Belt Bag (grained leather) in Hong Kong and Japan? :smile:
  5. Bag twins!! I've had mine for 3 months now and have used it sooo much. in love with its elegance, roominess and how lightweight it is. The flap closure doesn't bother me at all either. Enjoy your beauty!
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  6. Hi ladies! Quick questions for those who might know- does the micro have split interior pockets as well? Or it’s only in the mini?
  7. Loving my mini in grey :smile:

  8. I would say it does get heavy sometimes, although I have the mini (with shoulder strap) and not the small. That's why I'm thankful for the shoulder strap because sometimes carrying it on the crook of the arm or handheld can be quite tiring. As for the color and hardware i'm not too sure. I believe it's availabe in many colors, but the classic colors are black, taupe, and gray (maybe?).
    I suggest you try it first, because the mini is big enough to carry everyday essentials plus some more :biggrin:
  9. has anybody wrapped a H twilly on the handles? could be a nice pop of color.. what do you think?
  10. me again! when will the bags with the new closure be released? :smile:
  11. Hey girls, I am trying to figure out the size and color of this belt bag and am wondering if you guys can help me identify it before I try to contact Celine to buy. Thank you :smile:B081A155-8BFF-459B-8DD0-B8A369323D6A.jpeg6C63D5C4-AFB7-4EB4-B6D5-B741CB2EDF11.jpeg
  12. That looks like a mini, did it have a detachable shoulder strap?
  13. I think it looks like a mini too, the mini is more rectangular and the micro more square. Also the first pic looks like it's sitting on feet. There was a grey smooth leather called storm grey but that was out a few seasons ago.
  14. I am so excited for the nano, I hope it comes in a beautiful brown :smile: impatiently waiting...
  15. Hi, newbie to Celine here. I have heard some negative things about the clasp on the Mini/Micro belt bag....that it's a pain to open. Opinions?