1. I used to have it but all of a sudden I don’t see Marketplace section anymore?
  2. Make sure you are logged on!
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    For what it is worth - Having similar issue and am logged on. Occurs inconsistently. Sometimes I can see full Sections, sometimes missing sell section

    Have also deleted and reloaded app

    Also inconsistent appearance of clubhouse and shopping section for Hermes

    Hope that helps!
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  4. Me too (with app). I keep having to clear cache. Exit. Then go back in to see everything.
  5. I am unable to upload photos
    Any suggestions ?
    Just started having this problem last week
    Says it’s not a photo as expected —
    Would deleting and reloading the PF app help ?
  6. I'm still missing the clubhouse link!?!?! Anyone please help! I'm using iPhone 7 plus. Thanks
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  7. Hi Vladi,

    I posted a question last time and I am asking for some assistance. I am posting it again and I hope you can help me please.

    How do I keep . my pictures private when I post it here on the forum? I don´t mind members seeing my posts because that was the objetive of the photos. However, when I googled my username I found my pictures available on the internet? Are there any privacy settings for photos or for my profile so that they would not appear in public?
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  8. Hi! Were you able to recover the clubhouse link? I’m having the same issue. TIA!!
  9. One day, I got it! Then disappear again since yesterday! :sad: I tried to reinstall it again, still no show!!!
  10. What is the forum Graveyard? It was listed in "similar threads" but I can't open it.

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  11. I couldn't figure it out, so I just subscribed to the Hermès subforums.
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    Recently when I attach photos to a post, it uploads with a locked sign and says “you don’t have permission to view this attachment”.

    Latest app. iPhone X. Latest iOS

    Edit to add: this ONLY happens when I edit a post. for example, I type a post. Then I hit post. Then I decide after posting that I want to attach a photo - that’s when I can’t anymore.

    If I attach the photo to an original post, it works. FYI
  13. Lately I have been having issues with the app (latest version, iPhone SE). I can’t post pictures and my notifications won’t update. Does anyone have a solution? Thanks in advance!
  14. The word "it" seems to be randomly posting as a link to a 404 page. I noticed this dozens of times throughout the Hermes forum.
  15. How can I change my username?