1. That's super low! I got my black rockstud 4" heels from matches with 10% off and used ****** for additional 3.5% cashback....so about $600. And I certainly hope they aren't getting less popular, these are my first pair of valentino rockstuds and i LOVE them!
  2. I got my patent poudre Rockstuds for $474 CAD at Saks. They usually retail for over $1800 at Nordstrom so I grabbed them.
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  3. Saks is currently selling their noir black Rockstuds for $490 CAD, I just ordered myself a pair.. definitely a steal from the regular $1200 price tag :biggrin: :biggrin:
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  4. When did you see this? I’m trying to find out if still on. Thanks!!
  5. The price is back to 1.2k for this one today. I checked the site when this was posted, it was still 490 up until yesterday but they ran out of my size already. I don’t know if they were priced in error.
  6. just bought these strappy sandals in black for about $190 including tax!
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  7. Omg where? Lol I’m looking for a flat sandals too .. great find!
  8. I live in MD, and we have a Saks distribution center (there's an old thread in the general shopping subforum). I got these sandals and have also bought rockstud booties this year!
  9. So lucky! I would love to be close to one to get some of these awesome deals!
  10. I've gotten black rockstud heels (not the strap one) for $387 as lowest. And just got some flats from the recent sale at 40% at $585 and a pair of T-strap rockstuds for $597! The most I paid though was these Noir rockstuds that were 35% off.