1. Never been a fan of Madonna. I think she's obsessed with maintaining this diva image for her public, because not only do the fans love it, they expected it.
  2. ACkkkkkkkkkkkk her face looks like it hurts
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  3. Why, oh why...
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  4. Why? Poor Louis bag...
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  5. She looks like a porn star (a bad one).
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  6. Did Madonna always have no neck?
    Saw her on Fallon a few months ago promoting her silly skin care line and she looked ridiculous.
    In a way, I feel sorry for Lourdes. Its hard to be edgy when your mother is Madonna. Underarm hair is so last year. Hope she stayed in college.
  7. [​IMG]
    Yikes. Her face... those lips. Everything looks painful.
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  8. Who would possibly buy her skin care??????
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  9. Terribly bad shot. She's looking a mess. 60 year old women don't just go and post topless photos online. Act your age Madge!
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  10. She's never had any dignity. It's just that when she was young and at the peak of her fame her constant exhibitionism was called bold and daring. Now it's pretty much pathetic.
  11. Her entire face is tragic. Those lips.....smh.
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  12. Does anyone have a link to the rule book for how those of us in our dotage are supposed to act?
    I would like to think that we had gotten past that by 2018 but apparently not. :oh:
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    Lol. Just know that as a woman once you hit 40 or have a child, whichever comes first, you absolutely must not find anything remotely sexy about yourself, completely cover your body at all times and do not show your knees. At 60 you should just hang up life apparently.

    Much like you I'm waiting on the "Act you age rulebook" as well.
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