1. Evening Servaupload_2018-1-18_18-11-55.gif
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  2. Morning.
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  3. Morning Nahreenupload_2018-1-19_6-3-45.gif
  4. Morning!
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  5. Afternoon everyone So nice it’s Friday!,! Went to the beautician and working late today but I’m going to have a lazy Saturday instead. Having lunch with dear Mom tomorrow and I feel it’s so important to spend time with my family and especially dear Mom , because we all get older and time is so precious.
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  6. Afternoon all. Yes I am also glad it is Friday.

    Serva, it is always lovely to get a bit pampered at the beautician. I hope you have a nice lunch with your mum tomorrow.
  7. Evening Nahreen :smile: yes finally Friday :beach:
  8. We both like being pampered :smile: I hope I will be able to book Spa in STH next time I go there. No travel plans yet. Thank you, will definitely enjoy spending time with dear Mom. Will visit one of my favourite cafés.

    Got some good news today. My employer will pay for my personal trainer and gym, which is nice.
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  9. Morningupload_2018-1-20_7-24-27.gif
  10. Morning Ellie :smile:
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  11. Morning.
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  12. Hello! Anyone here who has bought a bag from Bukowskis and what are your experience about their bags being authentic or not?

    There is an auction that ends in 8h and it is very obvious fake and I e-mailed them about it but they said they think it is authentic. So I found some even better proof and now I don't get an answer (probably because it is Saturday). This makes me very unsure about their knowledge in general.. and I am worried about the buyer that will get a (poor) fake bag...
  13. Hello, it's very good you inform Bukowskis about the fake. Authenticating is a rare knowledge and even here on tPF one person usually only specializes in one or two designers. Hope Bukowskis takes it down.
  14. Yes! I completely understand that a person only specializes in one brand or two, and that is why I am starting to have doubts about their other bags..:/ I doubt they have the knowledge to sell all different kind of brands that they do. Anyway, I only discovered this fake bag since I want to buy it hehe. I saw it in the Gucci store one year ago (and never pulled the trigger and then it was sold out everywhere). But honestly, this fake at Bukowski isn't even a super fake, it is quite a poor fake :/ like major errors that are easy to spot

    They haven't removed the listing yet. Hopefully the person I have been emailing with reads my new e-mail on Monday so they can fix this before the buyer pays for it.
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  15. I’ve never bought a bag from them but was once interested in a barenia HAC and after inspection I found out that the turnlock was loose and emailed them about my find. They immediately changed the listing description to more accurate. I didn”t buy the bag though.

    I will take a look at the bag you mentioned. Very interesting.