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    I am liking these three new creations a lot!
    1B9E995D-5E5B-459A-AB2E-5B16DFA375E6.jpeg 08B24AD9-1652-4AAE-A1FD-3FEF25110100.jpeg 91596B1F-D89D-488A-A1A1-8B157A8A8D71.jpeg
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  3. My SA confirmed its called the “sweet watch”, motif size is 22.7mm and price is going to be less than 22660$ ..
  4. Hi ShyShy....I actually just LOVE your VCA watch!!!. I do agree, I used to love watch houses exclusively, but would definitely consider your Vintage Alhambra or Cosmos in a heartbeat !!! These are not just a watch but a beautiful piece of jewelry. I am now seriously considering a VCA watch. Perhaps we will be watch twins :smile:
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  5. :yes: They are indeed exquisite! I’d love to be twins with you! The VA watch is a watch that really needs to be tried on. The minute I put it on, I never stopped thinking about it. Took me 2 years to take the plunge... now I think I should’ve gotten it sooner! Do let me know what you think if you have the time to try it on. It’s one of my favorite watches for sure!
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  6. This price is correct only for MOP. And it’s not limited edition
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  7. I was scrolling back to look at the pg/mop pic again, and....
    The photo has disappeared?
    Where is the first photo with the pg/mop/pave watch??
  8. N m
  9. This one?

  10. I’m a watch person too and actually look at mine for the time. These new VCA watches are gorgeous. I love the design as when I first looked, I didn’t even notice they’re watches..beautiful pieces of jewelry!
  11. OMG that rosegold with WMOP!
  12. Couldn’t really distinguish the gold here - looks yellow but its the pink version w/MOP.B8FE9A64-93E1-4F7A-94CA-DD19C50A765E.jpeg
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  13. Does anyone know if the Sweet Alhambra watches will be limited Editions? Or, when they'll be released for sale?
  14. Thank you.
    Yeah, it's really pretty......REALLY.....
    Hard to stay strong around here!!!
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  15. And the rest....