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    Wow. More of the same in the new year. Surprise surprise.
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  2. :frown: So many questions about things that are none of your business.
  3. Wanna know why the department is organized this way? Look at the top. Sh*t rolls downhill.
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  4. Exactly
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  5. You told me I didn’t have enough experience with a particular subject when I asked to be considered for my former boss’ role and yet the man you hired has none. In fact, he has even less overall substantive experience than I do.

    Thanks for keeping gender discrimination alive and well in our supposedly progressive corporate culture.
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  6. Why is it always me? Why? I feel like the biggest idiot of this department. You don't ask questions of other people. Why just me?
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  8. I sent you the timeline and the PowerPoint deck for the training launch. You asked if I could also draft an email for you to send out to the participants. Which I did. And you sent me revisions to your own email? Moron!
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  9. I can’t believe you make 70k a year base not including bonuses and benefits and still act like you’re so poor that your boss had to pay for your HOPR dinner, drinks, etc.


    you may only get 70k but half the day you’re sitting on your a** IM’ing your friends or catching up with sports or reading about events around the world. The other quarter you help out and the last quarter is spent on misc things like ordering lunch.


    You can’t even remember anything you were taught. WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE.
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  10. Wait...WTH?
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  11. I’m sorry you have had a hard year. You’re obviously unhappy that I was chosen to be the manager and you were not.

    However, every single day since then, your miserable jealous behavior and bullying, petty emails sent to the entire team about my supposed inadequacies are doing a great job of showing the world why you were passed over for the promotion.

    Keep sending those emails. They are doing a great job of providing documentation for me in case I decide to fire you later.
  12. Its an open office floor plan. duh.. We all know about your dating life, issue with x y and z. Trust me this is not by choice.

    You know, you've received warnings from your manager about gossiping.. So what do you decide to do next? Gossip? Jesus.. You're plan stupid attention seeker. You're also a temp thats trying to get hired too..

    I think you're psycho. but hey.. you were going off the other day about how your family and friends were calling you dramatic.. uhh.. maybe you are?
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  13. Your carelessness and attitude really doesn’t make me want to work any harder for you than possible. Like today, that meeting request for “grunt work” that was directed at me even though there are three other folks that can do it...just felt like a power play since it was only to me...yet you didn’t even bother to check the master calendar to see if I’m available. You just asssssssume and guess what, nah.

    You’re an associate acting like you’re the big guns and frankly it’s annoying. So; I won’t wish you unwell. But I really won’t send anything your way unless I know it’s only 50k or less. Everything else, you can get yourself. And while we’re at it, I’m sure she didn’t talk to you outside of work giddy giddy. It’s been going around that you favor only THAT individual and I’m not the only one sick of it.

    Actually I don’t even mind that individual, I just mind that you are playing one favorite, and your behind acts super snooty and you really don’t seem to genuinely care. You’re so fake it’s almost hilarious and I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks so.
  14. No, I don't want to grab a lunch with you. Your table manners are disgusting.

    My toddler niece has better table manners than you and she makes a mess!
  15. I don't understand you. You're my supervisor, but you seem to hate supervising. We just can't get a good groove going - I don't get you. Why do you come stand by my desk and keep going on and on like that - about nothing, kind of? Do you like me or do you hate me? Do I annoy you? Do I freak you out? Am I weird, or are you weird?