1. I own a thinkpad but I'm going to buy another one, any suggestion?
  2. I just recently bought myself a 12" 2017 MacBook in Rose Gold. I use it to work from home and for personal use and it hasn't let me down yet!

    It's my first Mac ever and I don't think I'll ever look back! Love how it integrates so well with my iPhone, battery lasts forever, and super portable. Plus, the operating system is so beautiful.
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  3. I don’t consider myself a diehard Apple fan but I’ve done my through research when picking my laptop, portability lightweight and long battery life are very important for me, so I settled with an MacBook and very happy with it
  4. Ha d an 8 y o MacBook Pro 15" in that just up and died. Went black wouldn't power up. It had been giving me problems causing me to have to restart to get it working with my printer and some other probs. Also had a Mac Mini about the same age and it was giving me the spinning umbrella all the damn time.

    So I just got a nice MacBook 12 inch. I don't mind the small size at all it's nice! I can stick it in my tote or backpack for travel and it is very light. I'm just a casual user, so this works for me.