1. I’m a huge coach fan and despite sometimes they have their ups and downs, I think I’ll always love them. I’m huge on their legacy collections; majority of mine come from those collections. I love the latest rogue line but find it too heavy for me :smile: I love the color of yours and happy to see there are coach fans on this thread so I can see more love for them.
  2. Isn't it amazing when you find "the" perfect bag!!!! Enjoy!
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    Pale yellow is a no go. Keep the oxblood. It's a more versatile color.

    And yea, the SF jumbos are really perfect. Soooo easy to wear and so versatile. I really want another but, have no good reason to add.

    The only bags I love as much are my Miss Diors which is why it's hard for me not to buy more of them too. LOL!
  4. Do you like any of the new stuff?

    I could see you wearing some of them. Like the tote for work, maybe a saddle bag for the weekends.
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  5. Ok. It's almost mid month. I was planning my outfit for tomorrow and want to wear a "least 3". Aaaaaaannnnd, I'm struggling.

    I could easily do my grey flap again. But, honestly, that bag is going to get worn this year. It was only a least three because it's one of my newest bags.

    And,I could wear the ivory flap. It would take a teeny bit more effort but it's very doable.

    What I need to do is rotate in the cherry gloss Gucci Stirrup. I really love this bag. But, IMO it doesn't work with certain outfits - feminine, dresses, business, glam rock inspired casual, cocktail. And that is essentially my wardrobe. :lol: Sooo, hmmmm. Now, I see why it's a least 3. I wanted to use this as a work alternative and it's just not falling that way. And, I don't have other natural outlets for it. But, it's unseasonably cold here and I have a lot of errands to run. So, I'll be wearing pants again tomorrow. That should help me style this bag.

    Lemmie see how I can make this work. :thinking: Please offer suggestions IMG_4198.JPG
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  6. How do you carry this, crook of arm style? I’m thinking slim jeans and heels/booties.

    I am failing in the least 3 challenge. I have not worn #1!!
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  7. yes from me, love the shoes and I likr how they're not an obvious match but a clever, creative one
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  8. Yep. Crook of arm. And, I was thinking exactly what you thought. Jeans, booties, sweater. That will work for the day. Won't work into the night. So I'll have another 2 bag day.

    And, the least 3 is hard isn't it. LOL! I thought it would be pretty easy but as I said, there is a reason the bags are least 3. What this has shown me is I get no more Stirrup bags even though I love them. :doh: They just don't work well for me. But, I'm determined to make this one work. I love this bag.
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  9. I love the Rogue in steel blue! I considered buying it, but I can not justify getting another bag after I already got 2 new ones for Christmas *sigh*.
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    I can't see why this bag wouldn't go with your wardrobe. It was designed in the late 1970s (which also plundered the late 1930s/40s shamelessly) so you try following a similar silhouette e.g. all neutral tight top < wide leg pants (very Coco Chanel/K Hepburn/Lauren Hutton) and high heels or fairly body-con/pencil silhouette, even glam late disco, shirt/volume top (Charlie's Angles, Sat Night Fever).

    Doesn't have to be formal

    Channeling MD can never be wrong. Any of these outfits would work with the bag apart from with the tux but if the suit trous was swap a pencil skirt and the tail jacket a blazer...


    This is from and old Vanderbilt Jeans. 3 styles of jeans here.

    This is my invention for when I'm not sure what goes with what at work. Try using words what describe the bag and choose articles of clothing that you'd use the same words for. Obviously I don't have your wardrobe sitting in front of me but I know the bag well, when I look at that bag I see 'sophisticated', 'chic', 'smooth', lady-like etc something like this maybe?

  11. Ah yes! I see it now. MD is a great inspiration. And, yes the edgy fem vibe works for my closet. I was missing this association.

    I kept seeing more preppy / equestrian which is a very literal interpretation of the stirrup that ignores the shape of the bag. Preppy / equestrian are elements I don't have in my closet so I was struggling mightily.

    For work a more severe, 40's ish - in a good way lol - styling of my bz clothes would work better with the bag.

    Hmmm, now for today - casual Saturday. I'm going to play around with some things... :nuts:
  12. I totally understand that. The leather on the rogue is fantastic.
  13. I have not worn number 1 either. The weather is terrible here and I have to take dd out shopping for her birthday present. No way do I want to do a hand held bag that has a wide stiff bottom. We still have a few weeks to try them.
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  14. Ha! Hand (arm) held with wide stiff bottom is exactly what I'll be carrying today (my Stirrup). :lol:
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  15. Sorry, could someone clarify what we have to do this week again, I missed it?

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