1. :love::loveeyes::hbeat::tup::heart::heart::heart:Welcome to the forum & Congrats on this amazing WOC (I have the exact same one so we are “twins!” ) Such a beautiful piece & your pic captures the beauty!:drinks::girlsigh:
  2. Yay!! Thank you so much.. I love this Woc! So beautiful!
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  3. They are both gorgeous!!!! So lucky!!
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  4. Hi guys, we’re having (another) winter storm in Toronto but my heart :heart: is happy! First, DH is back home safe & sound from a business trip :hbeat:, his flight almost got cancelled due to bad weather! Before he left, I gave him an assignment to get me « something » from Chanel... actually, the hardest part of that is walking inside (the boutique) & shopping for me :biggrin:. Anyway, initially, I wanted a fashion ring, but he said, nothing there that I would really like... I assumed he left empty handed ... I said, just get me anything from your heart :heart::biggrin:! He came home & surprised me with this :yahoo::loveeyes::blush:. ... (I was too excited that I was opening it ever so slowly! :lol:) Sorry for the long story guys :P:heart:
    I’ve always been a charm bracelet kinda girl. And this is just perfectly beautiful! :blush::love::hbeat::loveeyes::heart::smile:
    Have a great weekend everyone! :wave:
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  5. Congrats on your adorable charm bracelet and dh!
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  6. So happy you found us! :wave::wave::wave:We will be your biggest Chanel:heart: :love::love:enablers :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:if you let us!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  7. Such a stunning bag️ congrats!
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  8. That’s so cute! Can u share the style number and price? Thanks!!
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  9. IMG_1515822687.893684.jpg
    Birthday gift from hubby and kids!
  10. IMG_1515826607.505421.jpg

    I’m so excited. First Chanel bag purchase and my second pair of ballerina. I’m in love with the ballerinas. They are Super comfy!
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  11. Love the colour of this medium Classic !
  12. Hi gorgeous red. Do you mind if I ask the code details? I’ve been looking for a nice red WOC for a while. TIA
  13. IMG_8230.JPG IMG_8229.JPG Bought about a month ago. Only just came out to play. Not keen on the quality (build quality not as good as previous mini/classics) so likely will be my last but I plan to enjoy Xx
  14. Just gorgeous!
  15. You’re right—enjoy her! I do think she’s gorgeous.
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