1. What a way to start a moto collection!!! :heart: This is one of the best, big congrats, can't wait for pics too!
  2. Yup, my very first!! Thank you.
  3. It's been a long time since I posted here. Would anyone know of a thread where I can sell some of my Bal leather jackets...Classic & quilted? I have gained weight from working out & they are pretty tight on me now.
    I just read that they are not making them anymore...sooooo sad. These are the BEST leather jackets ever!!!!
  4. You can add a link to your eBay/online listing here..but you can't sell them directly on TPF
  5. Hello. I have Balenciaga jacket,i want to sell, but would ask for a little help. If anyone could confirm whether the jacket authentic, original, or something else .. Thanks.
  6. A little late but from what I remember they do run a little larger, tried one on once when they just came out :angel:
  7. Not late at all considering it's still there for sale. :amuse:

    Thank you for the input!
  8. I sold two 2009 jackets on the real real. The prices were pretty bad. eBay charges the lowest fee but you have to do all the work. Jackets do sell pretty fast on the real real. You should check the real real out to see if your size comes up. They do have the classic and quilted sometimes. Prices are ok. Hope this helps