1. My new strap just came in and love how it gives an extra pop of color to my Artsy.
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  2. Reverse XL strap on my PS mini mono & infrarouge.

    And the new strap i’m getting.
  3. Hi Poochie231080, once you have this strap please post in comparison with the Reverse XL and the look with the other bags :smile: I'm curious with this strap also, Thanks in advance :smile:
  4. Thinking of getting a alma pm in Damien ebene ... thoughts on what the Rose poudre/monogram strap would look like on it?
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  5. Love these!
  6. I love these
  7. What bag are you wearing the black/pink/white strap with? I'm thinking of getting one :smile:
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  8. Is this the Rouge colour?

  9. Hi All

    Does anyone know if the reverse monogram strap is/was limited?

    Also do you think it would go with DE and DA printed as well?
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  10. I bought it last year and my friend was able to buy it this month I think it is not limited edition piece.
    Note sure if it will go well with DE or DA as I only have monogram and mono empreinte and it goes well with those.
  11. I bought this one to go with my Reverse and Mono Pochette Metis

    I don't know how it will look with Damien Azur or Ebene may clash a little but it's all up to personal preference

    I think it will go well with solid color Empreinte too
  12. I love this combinations! It makes me want the black epi Speedy B:nuts:
  13. A33D8C71-B99E-4B3E-9FCC-5F8263574402.jpeg
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  14. I'm really loving my christmas gift from Hubby, he really surprised me with the strap, he got it all on his own, I hadn't even considered getting a expensive strap. But he said it will make all your handbags new again. He was so right.