1. It's still rainy & 60 here so no fur today, either. But tomorrow is promising because it's projected to be dry with a high of 40. I've got my fingers crossed but, like we say in Ga, if you don't like the weather now just wait 15 minutes & it will change.

    I just hope the rain will stop. I'm having furniture delivered late this afternoon.
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  2. That's gorgeous. That's the length I would like to add to my collection.
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  3. Wowza! You're a very lucky shopper. Awesome deal :happydance:
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  5. I have. It's where we got my cashmere shadow fox cape from. They had good communication but shipping updates were a little confusing until it got to customs. Poland's shipping is very slow to update. It took about 2 weeks to get here. I'm very satisfied & would buy from them again now that I know about how long shipping takes. It was my first purchase from them & I'm very pleased. They also included a shadow fox tail key chain, wool beanie hat with tanuki pom, & some chocolates. Their stuff is new.
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  6. Did you pay a load on import tax? how are they with claiming lower value?
  7. No, I didn't pay import tax or customs fees. For US customs, the value/price of the item has to be over a certain amount before it's subject to fees. I got my cape for well under the required amount. This seller has been on eBay for several years & is very familiar with customs & import transactions.
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  8. We hit 65.
    Pooring rain, no fur today :sad:
    The cold is coming back tomorrow yay!!

    Crystal is beautiful. I have a darker one, not even close to what baby North has. Hers is dreamy!
    I tend to stay away from bidding, it always ends way too high.

    Golden Island fox is breath taking, and it's a thicker fur so it hardly sheds, I saw like two hairs and they were thick, not those fine downy fox hairs that get in my nose.
    OMG I remember that article too!! It was so sad, I never would have imagined that was even possible. Thank heavens my children are grown and I don't have to worry as much. My daughter drives so that scares me and my son will be learning in a few years. Ok so yeah the worrying doesn't end lol
    That's true about the spit up. Faux fur at least is machine washable but a stain is always left behind. Babies R Us has some cute faux fur coats and jackets.
    Baby blankets in the crib would scare me too. I would keep the crib empty at night or during nap time. No toys, stuffed animals, pillows...suffocation hazard!
    Butterfly's? I don't think I saw that one? I will have to scroll back and look, it sounds really nice!
    Oh don't hold back then buy more lol. But it's true, hold out a little for the summer, you'll see so much more.

    Thank you :smile:
    It should be coming tomorrow.

    Oh wow that's gorgeous! I love the color!

    Add it snibor! :biggrin:
  9. North’s coat is dreamy!!!
    Moms never stop worrying, mine was fussing because we were leaving “late”, (it was 8pm). I had to call to let her know we made it home safely.
    Cribs have to be bare imo! I also must admit I usually watch her sleep. I’m in love!
    I’ll repost pics of my coat and tag you so you don’t have to search!
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  10. Aww your little one sounds like a gem! I miss those days when mine were itty bitty :crybaby:
    Yes bare! Fleece pajama for the cold, no blanky lol
    You sound like a good mama :smile:

    Oh it's gorgeous! I remember now when you got it but I don't remember those pics or the butterfly's, they are dreamy! It's almost like a Gucci! I love the embroidery :heart:
    Gorgeous shine :tup:

    My red fox is out for delivery...the worrying starts! lol
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