1. HI!
    I was wondering the same thing! Did you have any luck selling the extra one?
  2. Has anyone ever had an item deliver with a flaw? How is the process when you ordered Gucci online and want an exchange? I had ordered an item that arrived with a frayed thread - the bag was otherwise perfect but the frayed thread was bugging me as it was new. I emailed online customer service and they did reply asking for pictures but haven't heard back since Dec 26. I ended up refunding the item at the flagship store over the weekend. The SA was quite helpful as she located another one at Holts. So in the end I got my bag in new no flaws condition immediately versus waiting at least 2 months for a repair.
    Just curious about anybody's experience.
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  3. Any suede protector will do. I just use Scotchgard on many Gucci suede and nubuck pieces, it's one of the cheapest and personally I've had zero problems and it does the job, but there are more expensive choices available if that's too standard.

    Gucci used to clean suede or nubuck too but you may want to check.
  4. I don't like the two GGs of the Marmont line, just because I am one of those people who don't like logos. And I own a small Trotteur, which I adore and which is perfect for a minimalist style.

    That said... My Trotteur is the embossed leather. I cannot handle Celine smooth leather, you do have to be extremely careful with it, and the bags don't tend to be designed to improve with an ageing patina. Also, the Trotteur you are considering does not seem very versatile to me: not only it would not work in the evenings, but it would not be that easy to combine with outfits and looks very summery... So I'd say for a first designer bag, stick with the Gucci!
  5. I would do what you did.

    I've never had any problem with gucci.com but I did have with with shoes from Farfetch, not a fault as such but the condition they arrived in (already creased across the front). This was obviously the boutique's fault (Tessibit) FF got them through and not Gucci's. I would have needed to go through the whole return process but I sent them photos and not-so-happy message. They offered me a discount and for once I took it as I needed them for an interview. I really prefer to buy from the Gucci boutique.