1. OMG you are GORGEOUS and so is your family!!!!! I am 45 and worry how I'm going to change over the next few years...I do a lot the same as you except I only exercise a few times a week and do have a nightly glass of red wine (although I hope the hot yoga detoxes most of that). Yesterday I was mistaken for DS1's sister, but I chalk that up to distance and a good pair of sunglasses. You are an inspiration!!!
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  2. Thank you so much for the compliments. I must say I'm not surprised you got mistaken as DS1's sister because you look young and gorgeous. And I doubt it had anything to do with your sunglasses. You are just being too humble! I am also inspired by you!

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  3. You. Look. INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! I am in awe!
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  4. Thank you for your heartwarming compliment. Very much appreciated!

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  5. Loving these shades of green
  6. Birkin. You look amazing and pretty for any age! :smile:

    Lovely photos everyone.
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  7. Just sharing. I saw this photo on IG and thought it was a unique way to wear a 20M although I have definitely seen some stunning mixtures and fashioning of VCA here amongst you ladies. It’s fascinating that due to lock placement, one motif prevents choking, another, sliding.
  8. You are an inspiration!! And a walking advertisement for healthy living!
  9. So true!
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  10. What a creative way to style the necklace- gorgeous!!!
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  11. Gorgeous combo!!!
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  12. It's encouraging to hear such beautiful comments from someone like you. Thank you so much sweetie!

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  13. I only speak the truth! :heart:
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  14. You are so kind my dear!

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  15. It's beautiful! May I ask what color gold it is?