1. Love these! Haven’t tried them on-are they comfortable?
  2. So comfy!! I wore them out once on a night out and my feet didn't hurt at all!
  3. New to me Beloved 120s!
    Though they arrived in near pristine condition so i’m extra happy. It’s a little big but i’ll pad them to death
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  4. I love these! What is the name of them?
  5. The sharpeta in purple.
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  6. these are my newest loubs, wore them for the first time on NYE!
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  8. Gorgeous Inik!
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  9. Im so excited!!!! And I just can’t hide it!!! Finally I have them!!! Senora 130 and Lola 120IMG_1517022881.452370.jpg
  10. Love love love!! Congrats.
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  11. The most beautiful shoes I have ever seen! Are they hard to walk in with the spikes?
  12. These are amazing in black to with the 3.3 inch heel with jeans and top! So beautiful.
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  13. This is my very first CL pair! IMG_2324.JPGIMG_2322.JPG
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  15. The spikes don’t make it any more difficult. I just try to be careful to not bump the spikes.