1. Tonight (Monday) Overstock has marked down some of the Dooney Toscana and Florentine Nuovo handbags..... some are as low as $169. There are even some hobos in Navy. ILD has the same price, but there are some Overstock coupons good today that add another 10% discount or more.
    I don't know how long the prices will hold on either site.
    But sales like that make me check back every day to see if there are any other treasures.
  2. Thank you for such a detailed reply...
    Turns out, it was a good thing I was waffling because my one of my dogs incurred an $850 and counting vet bill on Monday...and I’d already ordered two other leather Dooneys within two days so I’d have been pretty tapped out. I shall stalk the Dooney site & see if that price comes down any lower than $299... I really dig the gray. Went to TJMaxx to handle the red one and red just ain’t for me. It’s a glorious red as reds go though. I’ve been happy with my Toscanas and when the gray gets closer to the $220-250 range then I’ll pounce. It’s so pretty!
  3. Dooneysta: sorry about your dog. Hope everything is ok. Keep your eyes on the various sites, including overstock. I Love Dooney has a 'store' on overstock, so it's the same merchandise. Often the same prices, but overstock has some good coupons. If you sign up you will get emails from them (seems like daily) with coupons.... an extra 10% or 12% or 15% or more. Coupons usually only good for a day, and sometimes they increase the discount late in the day with another email to entice you to purchase.
    I recently got a 20% coupon from overstock. The Dooney listing had a number of Toscanas and Florentine Nuovo handbags *same leather, different exterior stitching and logo" that were marked down around 60%... add the coupon and I was able to buy some of them for under $136.
    Only a few styles, limited colors.... but.... worth stalking the site to see what else will pop up. Patience is the key, after Christmas there are usually some good sales. Hope you find your grey handbag..... the grey Toscana leather is very elegant.
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  4. ILD main site, code GIFT, $20 off $100; $50 off $200.....
    temptations include Florentine Toscana and Nuovo styles that are marked
    50% or 60% off. Some of these bags might be pretty close to black Friday pricing levels. And don't forget to check Mr Rebates and ****** to see if you can use their discounts too.
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  5. Hold onto your wallets, more deals to tempt us....
    Dooney.com buy more and save 20% off $100, 25% off $200,
    30% off $300 total purchase. Good until 12/18.
    Code MERRIER

    Compare prices and discounts and ****** and Mr Rebates and figure
    out the best deals. And then we have to wonder if the deals will
    be better after Christmas!
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  6. Oh boy......
  7. Belk has $30 off $100 with free shipping. I just ordered a Croco Cognac Ginger Pouchette for $118. I cant find this style on Dooney, Macy’s or QVC (Croco pouchette). We have a “thing” to go to in a couple of weeks. So, I can wear this and not have to worry about putting my bag down. It is dressy enough (at least for me). I am NOT counting this as a handbag purchase this year (holding at four) as it really is not a handbag but more of a functual SLG :smile:.
    Merry Christmas everyone! We have a road trip today after church and are supposed to get snow!!!
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  8. Have a safe trip and a happy holiday.
    Cognac croco is one of the richest looking croco colors that Dooney makes.
    Enjoy your new accessory.
  9. Thanks LJ!! Yes, accessory it is :smile:.
  10. Christmas Day only:

    25% off one full-price item, code JOY25
    (Sale items extra 15%off code EXTRA15)
  11. 20% off ilovedooney- code LASTCHANCE till Jan 15 @11:59pm.
  12. Did anyone ever get the Raleigh satchel In wine? I’m really tempted by it but I can’t find anything about it online. Is the actual color pretty close to what’s shown online? What is the leather like? Stiffer doesn’t bother me too much as long as it’s durable....if anyone knows anything about this bag please share!
  13. I don't have any info on the color, but Dooney online colors usually look lighter than the leather does in real life. Regarding the leather, I did ask about it a few months ago and some responded that it was a thinner leather and not soft. You may be able to search and find that thread.
  14. Is anyone buying from the sales? I'm so tempted but I'm going to resist…it's just hard to believe some of the amazing prices! $419 for a regular alto Valentina (I want one so bad!), $389 for a small Valentina, $209 for the florentine sac I'm dying to add to my collection…:nuts::nuts::nuts: