1. Has anyone seen this yet? It is not available in the US yet.
  2. Do you have a photo of this or are you looking to see if someone here has a photo ?
  4. I believe that the bag you are inquiring about is the "Pochette Saint-Honoré," named for the street in Paris where the Goyard flagship boutique is located.

    This bag style was launched in 2008 and is currently available in the US in the following configurations and price points:
    -- Black Goyardine with palladium chain and hardware priced at $4,900 USD.
    -- Grey or navy Goyardine with palladium chain and hardware priced at $6,400 USD.
    -- Silver metallic Goyardine with palladium chain and hardware or gold metallic Goyardine with goldtone chain and hardware priced at $7,700 USD.

    You can do a web search by style name for more details. Hope this helps!

    Photo found on ilovegoyard.blogspot.com.
    Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 12.36.11 PM.png
  5. No, this is not it. The Minaudiere has a leather strap. I was told that it was new, and had not arrived in the US yet.
  6. Would love to see the photo you received!

  7. IMG_7471.jpg

    This was on instagram today
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  8. It’s adorable! Can’t wait to snag one up!
  9. That is it! Thank you! It does have a leather strap to wear it on your shoulder, but it does not appear to be long enough to wear crossbody.
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  10. Just saw this on Instagram Screenshot_20180202-102830.jpg
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  11. similar to petit malle
  12. IMG_9279.JPG IMG_9280.JPG
    Just visited the store and had chance to try the golden one. The sales said only golden colour was available now, other colours included black with black strap and black with coffee strap, white needed to pre order, and wait for 3-6 months. HK price are as follows:

    Black-black and black-coffee: HK$26000
    White: HK$36000
    Gold: HK$46000
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