1. It's authentic. Pretty bag.
  2. Thank you so much! And I know, I love it, so gorgeous! It was priced at $125, I offered $95 and seller accepted! Soon to be mine :smile:
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  3. ok. so let's try again :smile:
    • Item: Michael Kors Cynthia Lilac Medium
    • Listing number: n/a
    • Seller: second hand store
    • Link:---------------
    • Comments: seller claims authentic, almost new, from the store display. Not sure if there’s enough pics to prove but I hope that this time it's ok!
  4. It's authentic. :smile:
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    Hello! Further trying to advance my mk selma addiction...

    • Item: Michael Kors pale pink Selma satchel
    • Listing number: n/a
    • Seller: Candice15h
    • Link: https://bnc.lt/focc/NuPKxWXYTJ
    • Comments: another item from Poshmark... I’m not sure if I need to ask for some more pics to have it aurhenicated, if so let me know!! Thank you
  7. I did just ask for pics of the inside tag and heat stamp so if so, should be coming soon!
  8. It looks good so far but I need to see the heat stamp & the interior made in country tag before I can say for sure.
  9. Sorry couldn't figure how to delete the reply before. Here are some more pics!

    image1.png image2-1.png
  10. The lining in the Poshmark link has a different lining from the interior pics of the heat stamp & tags. These are pics of 2 different bags.
  11. Woops, I’m so silly. Gave the wrong link!!! This is the correct link, got mixed up with another bag I was looking at. Sorry about that!! https://bnc.lt/focc/SfHhc1yUUJ
    Seller is kekedejuan
  12. Looks good.