1. 3895BC79-0871-477F-A8E3-D575C4359D88.jpeg 644DD4AE-932F-4D19-B98F-5BEA31EB281C.jpeg
    Snagged these on sale at a very good price but not sure about the color. Any feedback? Do any of you own this color or have seen any in this orange shade?
  2. I think they're great; rockstud is an edgier, funkier style so the color works for me.
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  3. the orange looks good, and unique. i would keep it if i were you, IMO :smile:
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  4. Thank you ladies! Keeping them :smile:
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  5. Complements your coloring, glad you're keeping it.
  6. I’ve had a pair of this for 6 months now, and it’s one of my favourite pair of shoes. So comfortable after a few wears, and gives any attire a pop of colour. I thought it would be hard to match, but I’ve worn it with everything so far. I would happily buy another pair (in case I wear mine out) if it was still in stock!
  7. love!!
  8. YES! My first thought was 'with all black'!
    They look so good.
  9. wore mine today with black leggings a thermo and jean jacket to run to the mall.
  10. I feel like orange is in right now! And honestly Valentino shoes can pull off any color! You look fab in them btw!